Color Portals v1.6


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    Apr 1, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8.1


  • v1.0 - Initial Release
  • v1.1 - Updated to 1.4.5 , Fixed bug where portals would not connect after server reload, Added permission support
  • v1.1.5 - Fixed portal creation bug when not using permissions
  • v1.2 - Fixed bug where players would not be teleported to center of block in portal which sometimes caused wall suffocation.
  • v1.3 - Updated to 1.4.6. Fixed portal glitch with explosions. Portals can now teleport all entities on the pressure plate. (Now you can teleport those piggies!)
  • v1.5 - Updated to 1.4.7. Really fixed portal glitch with explosions. Portals can now link in chains rather than just back and forth. Can now use wooden buttons and wooden pressure plates. Can activate portals by shooting an arrow at the button (if it is a wood button). Optional minimum/maximum distance between portals. Portals now accurately sense their frames and deactivate when broken. Players now face the way the sign is facing when teleporting (no more teleporting facing a wall) Added data folder for organization. Added plugin metrics. Update will be more effective if you delete your old ColorPortals folder, reload the server, and recreate all of your portals. If you do not do this you may run into problems. Sorry about this. I will try to make the next update incorporate existing portals.
  • v1.5.2 - Fixed bug with portal thinking it was still there after being destroyed. Fixed bug with distance when using portals between worlds. Added permission node "colorportals.nodistance" to bypass distance limits. Added additional command /cp by request.
  • v1.5.5 - Updated to 1.5.1. Fixed last portal in chain displaying "INACTIVE" bug.
  • v1.6 - Updated to 1.8 (new pressure plates + UUID system). Option for Walk-on-activation. Option for portal protection (from explosions and other players). Replaced "/color" command with "/portal" command. New "/portal info" command. Better saving and loading of portals (is now readable by humans). Code overhaul; much more efficient and fixed all bugs from previous versions. You will need to delete your old ColorPortals folder and rebuild all of your portals because of the new way the plugins loads and saves portals. This will be the only time you need to do this