Ever notice that old little hut far off the edge of town? It is a bit creepy... hardly anyone goes there anymore. You can tell because it's covered in cobwebs.

This plugin monitors three things:

  • where spiders spawn
  • where players walk
  • where players have built stuff

Cobwebs generally don't form in areas frequented by your server's players. Your busy towns, your favorite landmarks, your big shopping areas won't be bothered by spiderwebs. But wherever players build little-visited shacks... that's another story. Over time, *very* slowly, a cobweb might appear. And another. Months later, it may be covered in the sticky stuff... haunted? Or just a good place for spiders to catch a little lunch.


There is none. Drop the plugin in the plugins folder.


Every chunk that spawns a spider gets noticed by the plugin. This raises the potential of a cobweb near this chunk.

Every chunk that a player moves through is cleared of cobweb potential.

If the potential gets high enough, then this plugin searches for "man made" structures near this chunk. The structure does not need to be right next to the spider spawn, so lights do not matter to the algorithm. If a structure is found, a single "web" block is attached.

And the process starts again.

The potential formulas should allow visible growth in cobwebs over the course of a few days of a public server... but not on any structures that are frequently visited by players. Pro tip: swords bust webs much faster than other tools.


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