What is CommandCraft and what does it do?

CommandCraft is a simple, lightweight plugin that adds commands into your game that allow you to have portable crafting stations. Each command opens a crafting inventory of the corresponding type (i.e, /craft opens a crafting table, /anvil opens an anvil, etc). Please note, enchantment tables opened with /enchant are enchantment tables which act as if there are no bookshelves.

How do you set up CommandCraft?

To set up CommandCraft, all you have to do is install the plugin (instructions are below) and give your players the permissions that you would like them to have!

Commands and Permissions

Note that by default, op has all permissions.

All commands - commandcraft.*

craft - commandcraft.craft

anvil - commandcraft.anvil

enchant - commandcraft.enchant

enderchest (aliases - echest, ec) - commandcraft.enderchest

enderchest [player] - commandcraft.enderchest.others

Please note that /enderchest may be a bit buggy, as occasionally the enderchest does not update properly, which can cause duplication or loss of items (but you will be fine if you do not run the command on other players)!

furnace - commandcraft.furnace

brew - commandcraft.brew

How do you install CommandCraft?

To install CommandCraft, simply drag and drop the CommandCraft.jar file into your plugins folder, and start the server! No configuration or additional plugins are needed :)


This plugin uses Metrics! To opt out, go to your plugins folder, PluginMetrics, open the config.yml and set the opt-out to true! Metrics collects anonymous information about your server, including the server software (i.e, Bukkit, Spigot), game version, the server host's operating system, java version, and location of the host server. Collected information can be seen at CommandCraft Statistics

Automatic Updating

This plugin will automatically update as of version 1.4! If a new version has been released on this page, it will automatically download the latest update. To disable this, go to your plugins folder and find the Updater folder. Enter the config.yml of that folder, and set "disabled" to "true".


1.0 Initial Release

1.1 Switched to craftbukkit API instead of Spigot

1.2 Now compiled with Java JDK 7, should work on all servers

1.3 Added Metrics!

1.4 Automatic updating

Download Milestones

10 [✓]

25 [✓]

50 [✓]

100 [✓]

250 [✓]

500 [✓]

1000 [✘]

5000 [✘]


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