cmdBook 1.3.0


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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.6-R0.3



Version 1.3.0

Status: Release - Mayor

  • Updated and tested on Bukkit 1.4.6 R0.3
  • Added update checker
  • Added configuration (see page) - ability to change split char
  • Added: losx losy and losz (line of sight locations) variables
  • Added @runconsole and @hidemessages (put them anywhere in the cmdbook not cmd split needed)
  • Added /cb public and /cb private to make books private (works on normal books)
  • Fixed calc() bug and input() bug and first command bug

Version 1.2.0

Status: Release - Mayor

  • Updated and tested on Bukkit 1.4.6 R0.3
  • Removed updater (temp)

Version 1.1.2

Status: Release - Minor

  • Updated and tested on Bukkit 1.4.2 R0.1

Version 1.1.1

Status: Release - Bugfixes

  • Added $wait[integer] replace integer with a number (miliseconds) this will halt the commands
  • Fixed CommandBook plugin incompatibility (due to ./cmdbook)
  • Fixed some bugs

Version 1.1.0

Status: Release - Including Mayor changes

  • Added calc(..+...) to do basic calculations (+,-,*,/) You can use variables that return an integer aswell
  • Added new variables: $lvl , $targetlvl , $xp ,$targetxp
  • Added $input variable: $input just promts the player before running the commands When using $input[Question here] it does the same thing, but with a custom message
  • Fixed several bugs (/cb info when not holding book, few performance bugs)
  • Added check for update support using dev.bukkit page (Currently only on start with console)

Version 1.0.2

Status: Release

  • When you type || (double) it wont see it as a split chat So you can use it in a command
  • /cb info bug of 1.0.1 fixed

Version 1.0.1

Status: Not Released

  • Added a way to split commands by putting them on another page IDEA: destroyer4017

- /cb info  when using @runconsole or @hidemessages will be bugged