CmdBlock is an easy and free way to block any command that a plugin or server uses. CmdBlock will allow only ops to use that command until I can get the permissions working. CmdBlock goes to the core of Bukkit to stop commands from being executed with ease. With a simple syntax you can be blocking those stubborn commands in no time.


  1. Move CmdBlock.jar to plugins folder.
  2. Run server, then shutdown.
  3. Put commands to be disabled in "/plugins/CmdBlock/config.yml" or use the in game commands.

The differences

Recursive blocking and non recursive blocking allow for a more user controlled administration. In the config.yml there are two new nodes. "Non Recursive" and "Recursive" In the two you will put a dash with the command to be blocked. Recursive blocking works as so. If you have for instance "plugins test1" blocked any command that contains that will be blocked too like "plugins test1 test2". With non recursive blocking "plugins test1" will be blocked not "plugins test1 test2". Any command that equals "plugins test1" will be blocked. If you need any help interpreting this more please hit me a comment or personal message and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


  • /cmdblock help - Lists all the commands.
  • /cmdblock add(cmdblock.add) - Add a command to the list.
  • /cmdblock add recusrive(cmdblock.add) - Add a command to the list in a recursive manor.
  • /cmdblock remove(cmdblock.remove) - Remove a command from the list.
  • /cmdbock remove recursive(cmdblock.remove) - Remove a command from the recursive list.
  • /cmdblock list(cmdblock.list) - Lists the commands from both Recursive and Non-recursive commands.
  • /cmdblock reload(cmdblock.reload) - Reloads the config file. Not the plugin.


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