CLS - Clear Screen

CLS - Clear screen

CLS is a very simple one-command plugin. It just fill players chat with empty lines, after than you'll get an screen cleared from any messages. CLS could be useful for everyone who going to create plugin tutorial window and need to hide his previous chat messages from the anyone who will see his video.


  1. It will clear your chat by sending 25 empty line in chat.
  2. If you need you can define "welcome message" (colors are supported), you will see it in last line
  3. That's all :)

Why do I want it?

Hmm...CLS were created because I hate to relogin when capturing a plugin tutorial videos. I don't want to show my chat, my previous commands result... So if you sometimes need to clear your chat you may use this plugin.


  • /cls - simply clear screen
  • /cls <message> - clear screen and type a message (colors supported, use "&" prefix to define colors)

How to use it?

Hmm... Just type /cls when you need to clear screen. If you need to show red "welcome message" type /cls &4welcome message Empty lines and message will send only for you, so no permissions, no configs. It's a simple one command plugin.

Video tutorial :)

How Do I Install It?

Just copy it in your plugins folder.


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