Have you ever wanted to have console access to your server, but your server host wouldn't give it to you? Or what about if you wanted your staff members to have console access, but maybe not every command? Well whatever the reason is, CloudConsole allows you, and whoever you give access to, to access your console remotely with a set of permissions. Adding users is simple, and giving them permissions is even simpler. This plugin works as a remote terminal, forwarding the console output to you. With this plugin you can access your console from anywhere at anytime with the (soon to come) Android Client, or with the PC Client available to Mac, Windows, or even Linux!

How To Use

The Server

  1. Download the plugin into your plugins folder.
  2. Start the server. This should have created a data.yml file.
  3. Stop the server. You need to stop the server because the logger in the CloudConsole will only run once per load, meaning that doing /reload will not update it.
  4. Go to your data.yml file.
  5. chatOnlyUsers, Admins, moderators, and owners are groups. Enter a username and password separated by a colon, followed by a pipe "|". Add multiple users by adding more sets like so: <user>:<password>|<user>:<password>|.
  6. Choose a port that you want CloudConsole to use. The port must be open and must not be the same as your Minecraft server.
  7. Remember to restart the server and don't try to do /reload, because that won't work because of a persistence module. Otherwise your configs wont work.

Note: If you have v0.1, set "Debug_Settings" to '0'. If "Debug_Settings" is '1' then any other users will be able to see the data.yml file when the server reloads.This is fixed in v0.2

The Client:

  1. Download CloudClient.
  2. Start it.
  3. You should see this (v1.0).
  4. Enter the username, password, and the IP and port, separated by a colon (i.e. mcserver.com:1337).
  5. Press enter.

If you need any more help with setting it up, for example, the data.yml, please check out the video or the example .yml file. If you want to store the login and server information, please check github, or watch the video below.


Please download CloudClient, which will connect to your server. This GUI will be needed for anyone who wishes to connect to your console remotely (in other words, without it, there's no point in CloudConsole). Currently, CloudClient is the only client available for CloudConsole, but soon, the Android client and the lightweight terminal based client will be made available. This plugin does not need default Bukkit permissions because it uses its own permissions in the data.yml!



  • /terminate <name>

Note: uses permission CloudConsole.terminate, used to kick a user using CloudClient


  • /<command> or !c <command>

Note: If a "/" or "!c" is not included in the front of the message, CloudClient will simply print out the message on the server's console. You should be able to just type in "/" in front of your command, or "!c " in front of your command, or you can just type nothing and have it just be like "<command>" and it should work (That is if you have the latest client)


When you edit the config file, you will have to restart the server. Doing /reload will not do the trick. The reason behind this is because the client has a run once function, to prevent users from being kicked and to prevent the server from being overloaded by having multiple Console Filters running at once. What does this mean? It means that if the program adds more than one filter, it will jump up on CPU usage. Don't freak out though, because we've prevented this from happening. This does not mean that you can't do /reload, it just means that doing /reload wont reload CloudConsole!


There is a single command (terminate) and it uses the permission CloudConsole.terminate. But besides for that, this plugin does not use any of the default Bukkit permissions because you do not log on using your Minecraft account.

Adding Users

When adding users, make sure that you have the user and password separated by a colon, followed by a "|". Note: Don't use any spaces!

More About CloudClient

The client is currently for any operating system that has Java installed. An Android version of the client will be made soon, and will be free to use without ads. In addition, a terminal based version will be made before the Android. If you wish to develop your own client for CloudConsole, please PM an author.

Submitting Tickets

After you troubleshoot everything, post a ticket with these guidelines:

CloudConsole version:
Client type:
Client version:

  • chatOnlyUsers:
  • moderators:
  • modpermissions:
  • admins:
  • adminpermissions:
  • owners:
  • ownerspermissions:
  • MaxConnections:
  • Port:
  • Debug_Settings:
  • Error_Settings:
  • Update_Settings:

console output:


If you cannot connect to the plugin, chances are the port is not configured correctly. To configure your port correctly for the plugin, make sure that the port is opened and unused. If the port is being used by another application, such as Minecraft, use another port. Make sure that the port in question is in fact open and unused before posting connection problems.


#A default user group for people who only can use chat. Goes for similar fields below.
chatOnlyUsers: <username>:<password>|

#Permissions for moderators. For multiple commands, for example, use "say ban kick" etc. Goes for similar fields below.
moderators: <username>:<password>|
modpermissions: <commands>
admins: <username>:<password>|
adminpermissions: <commands>
owners: <username>:<password>|
ownerspermissions: <commands>

#How many users are able to connect to the console remotely at once.
MaxConnections: '10'

#What port should be used to connect to the console. Make sure the port is open and is not used for your Minecraft server.
Port: '1337'

#0 = Doesn't show. | 1 = Only shows in console. | 2 = Broadcasts to server.
Debug_Settings: '1'

#Same as above, but shows errors.
Error_Settings: '1'

#1 = Alert if update available | 2 = Force update if update is Available. | 3 = Update without notification if update is available.
Update_Settings: '1'
#Updater is only for v0.3 and above

More Help

Setting up CloudConsole

Embed Removed: https://www.youtube.com/v/7iPBhUOphbk?fs=1

CloudClient Store Login Information

Embed Removed: https://www.youtube.com/v/OBnkjiUb9GA?fs=1

Known Bugs


  • Certain commands will print out to the console with a "[" at the end.
  • Color is not supported yet.
  • There may be an extra space between the severity and the message.


  • With a "Debug_Setting" of 1 or 2, any user that uses /reload will see the raw data.yml file (which includes other users and passwords). Again, we will be working on this as soon as possible.

Next Update

Go Here For What Will Be Updated

Have any questions? Ask below!


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