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Have you ever wanted to remotely access console, chat, or your player list of your server? Maybe you want to check in on your server and you can't get on minecraft to do it. Well with CloudConsole, you can now remotely access your server anywhere on a machine with java and internet. With an easy interface to use, and a very easy setup, you can give remote access to anyone you want to, allowing chat, console, and soon player info and plugin management. This plugin features chat config editing through a terminal interface, meaning that the amount of work you need to do is minimal. All you really have to do is make sure your desired port is open, and drop the jar in your folder, and chat in game for first time setup. If you like the plugin, please take the time to leave a comment on the bukkit page so we (ShadowCasted) know your thoughts and opinions. If you have any ideas, they might just be added.

How To

First Time Setup

  1. Download the plugin into your plugins folder.
  2. Give yourself the permission cloud.*. This permission is not default to OP. If you don't have a permissions plugin then use the one included in the download (instructions below).
  3. Start the server. This will add a settings file.
  4. Enter the command /cc terminal to start the CloudTerminal interface.
  5. From here it should be simple. Type the number or the word of what you want. Note that things slashed out are not added yet.
  6. Make your way to the config, and edit it to your liking.
  7. Reload the server and you're done.

Editing The Config

  1. Start the CloudTerminal with the command /cc terminal.
  2. Go to config.
  3. Go to view if you are unsure of the settings.
  4. Look below (on the bukkit page) if you are unsure what everything does.
  5. Go to edit.
  6. Enter the number or enter the text of what you want to edit.
  7. Enter the new value.
  8. Reload the server.

Adding Users

  1. Start the CloudTerminal with the command /cc terminal.
  2. Go to users.
  3. Go to add.
  4. Follow the instructions.
  5. Make sure the username isn't already taken (case sensitive).
  6. Note the password is case sensitive.
  7. Enter PermList for the cloud perms list.
  8. Yes you have to type in all of them manually.
  9. Note if none is entered, then the user will be useless.
  10. For commands you can enter all if you want all commands, or enter each manually.
  11. If you enter no commands then note the user won't be able to use console.
  12. Once finished you will be redirected back to the user section of CloudTerminal.
  13. You do not have to reload the server.

Removing Users

  1. Start the CloudTerminal with the command /cc terminal.
  2. Go to users.
  3. Go to remove.
  4. Users are case sensitive.
  5. Enter list if you are unsure of the spelling or case sence of a user, or just unsure of the user.
  6. Enter the name with correct spelling and case sense.
  7. Should ask you if you want to delete and ask if you are sure several times before making you enter [delete].
  8. Should delete the user.
  9. Reload if the user has logged in since the last reload/start, or are currently logged in.

Using The Included Permission Utility Plugin

  1. Move it into your plugins folder.
  2. Start the server.
  3. Make sure you're OP.
  4. To use, the command is /give <username> permission <perm> or /give me permission <perm> for giving permissions to yourself.
  5. For the main Cloud Permission used for everything, enter /give me permission cloud.*
  6. Note that the permissions don't last forever (I think), so when you reload the server you shouldn't have the permission anymore.
  7. Do NOT leave this in your server, as any OP could grant themselves any power, and the reason why OPs don't have cloud.* by default is because it can be abused.

The Client

  1. Download CloudClient.
  2. Place it on your computer where you want.
  3. Start it (its a runnable jar).
  4. Enter the username, password, IP, and the port that CloudConsole is running on.
  5. Click save login if you want. saves in the same place minecraft does.
  6. Click on Connect (or start, depends on the version).
  7. If everything is correct then the client should connect.
  8. As of version 2.1, the ToggleButtons hide and show the windows.
  9. Any questions then post them below.


Please download CloudClient, which will connect to your server. This GUI will be needed for anyone who wishes to connect to your console remotely (in other words, without it, there's no point in CloudConsole). Currently, CloudClient is the only client available for CloudConsole, but soon, the Android client and the lightweight terminal based client will be made available.



/cc terminalAllows Access To CloudConsole interfacecloud.terminal
/cc consoleAllows Access To CloudConsole interfacecloud.terminal

Permissions Utility

/give <username> permission <perm>Give a user a permissionjust need to be OP
/give me permission <perm>Give yourself a permissionjust need to be OP


cloud.*Gives access to all permissionscloud.terminal
cloud.terminalAllows access to the CloudConsole in game terminal
cloud.users.*Gives access to all cloud.users permissionscloud.users.list
cloud.users.listAllows viewing a list of all users
cloud.users.addAllows adding a user
cloud.users.removeAllows removing a user
cloud.server.*Gives access to all cloud.server permissionscloud.server.start
cloud.server.startAllows starting of CloudConsole
cloud.server.stopAllows stopping of CloudConsole
cloud.server.reloadAllows reloading CloudConsole
cloud.config.*Gives access to all cloud.config permissionscloud.config.view
cloud.config.viewAllows viewing of the config
cloud.config.editAllows editing the config

Submitting Tickets

After you troubleshoot everything, post a ticket with a list of what happened in chronological order. There are some bugs and they are being worked on but it would be nice knowing all of them. Feel free to PM MrAwellstein if you want or if it is a major bug/glitch. Please do not post stack traces (large and long error logs) in the comments, or if you do use the bbcode spoiler to make it so the page isn't spammed.


If you cannot connect to the plugin, chances are the port is not configured correctly. To configure your port correctly for the plugin, make sure that the port is opened and unused. If the port is being used by another application, such as Minecraft, use another port. Make sure that the port in question is in fact open and unused before posting connection problems. A port checker tool will be (depending on when this is posted) released with CloudConsole.


Please do NOT manually edit the configuration in anyway, except for possibly a user, which then if you do reading the config is simple (the field password would be password and so on).

About ThreadedRelease A beta setting dealing with what happens when there are too many users connected. Setting to true can help with lag, but can be a bit unstable (not to badly though). Threaded release just means that termination of clients who connect when the server is full will be terminated in a new process, making it so that the main process doesn't get delayed.

More Help

Soon To Come

Known Bugs

Freeze up when a logged in client does an action when the server is reloaded.

Have any questions? Ask below!


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