This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


Plugin overview


La vidéo d'explication en français est disponible en bas de la page.

ClosedCombat is a PVP style created by Kazz96, where people fights in a arena closed by giant bedrock wall. The concept is based on PVP, so there are some rules you must know :

  • survival gamemode
  • you can't destroy or place blocks, but those defined by the author(s)
  • you can't open dispensers, but only use them by a redstone signal
  • it is allowed to use minecarts and boats, but it is forbidden to break them or to put one
  • crafts are forbidden

The plugin is here to automatize all the fights and to apply the rules.

What do I need ?

You need two plugins : Multiverse-Core and WorldEdit.

You can't use any other multi-world plugin, because it uses its features about importing/removing worlds. Worldedit is used only to select an area.

And of course, you need the plugin.

What do I do ?

To create your map in your server, you must have a spawn map.

Then download one of the ClosedCombat map. Install it on your server like any map, then make sure you put the BACKUP_<worlddirname>.zip file in the ClosedCombat's Backup directory.


The command you must know is : /ccmap <command>

Your first command : /ccmap create <map name> Then use Multiverse to teleport to the map's world, and select the map area with WorldEdit (expand vert make it easy, but care of lags if you expand the map too much). It is usually a big bedrock wall or box. Then, you must use /ccmap definezone <map name>. It will set :

  • the fight area
  • the spawn locations (for the fighters)
  • the blocks you can place/break
  • the chest provider

You can check all informations thanks to /ccmap info <map name> command. You can remove map's infos from plugin with /ccmap remove <map name>.

You can play once you've installed the Backup file in the ClosedCombat's Backup directory. You can check if the plugin gets it by the command /ccmap register <map>. You aren't obliged to do this.

You can modify block property with /ccmap setblock <map name> <block id> <place/break> <true/false>.

Chest Provider

The Chest Provider is a feature that allows you to randomize chests. You may have noticed that chests are always the same between fights. Then players know exactly the best spots to get an overpowered stuff. Chest Provider is here to provide random inventories in map's chests when the fight is starting.

But chests are not so random, because it works thanks to some preparation by the map maker : he has to build a zone out of the players' range, where he places chests with the inventory he chooses. Those inventories will be used to provide the random inventories to the map.

There usually are two versions of a map : the map with or without the Chest Provider. It is up to you to choose which one you want.

Let's fight

Now, put in the spawn world a sign, like this :

  • [CC]
  • <map name>
  • nothing
  • nothing

It will detect it, and be updated. The players can register/unregister to fights by right clicking the sign.

You can have many maps like that.

Now enjoy, and LET'S FIGHT !

Become the champion !

When you kill someone, you earn 1 point, and when you win a game you win 5 points.

You can see points with the command /ccscore. To get all usages, use /ccscore.

What will I do with this score ? I think it will be a bit modified (about earning points), but the goal is to create an option called "kit", where you can use a large amount of points to get one little bonus that can be used once. May be modified.

A sign can show the champions' name : put [CCSCORE] on the first line. There is only one sign that can do it.


Because i am french, there can be many english mistakes. Thanks for saying me what they are.

Merci de me dire où sont les erreurs d'anglais.

Pour ceux qui veulent privilégier le contenu dans la langue de Molière, une petite vidéo est à disposition.

Et voici la page entière :

Le plugin n'existe qu'en anglais pour l'instant. A venir, la version française du plugin.


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