This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


Do NOT use CloneZ with recent versions of Minecraft - it was poorly coded and will also break as servers move to UUID player systems. I am unable to continue the project due to time constraints but I hope y'all enjoyed it whilst it lasted. :) Over and out! NEW Do you own a CloneZ server? Then post it here:


· Multiworld Support · Faster zombies [CONFIGURABLE] · Thirst added to the came (the exp number) [CONFIGURABLE] · Detection bar added (the exp bar) · Stronger zombies [CONFIGURABLE] · Zombies travel and attack in packs · Just zombies [CONFIGURABLE] · Coloured nameplates [CONFIGURABLE] · Bandages [CONFIGURABLE] And more + more coming soon!


Example Config


None at the moment! Do you want any? Post in the forums at the top of the web page!


None at the moment! Do you want any? Post in the forums at the top of the web page!


Help! My plugin won't colour names saying it needs something called TagAPI!!! ARGGGHHH: Go to the top and search for “TagAPI”, download and put in your plugins folder. CloneZ should now work at it's sull capability! My thirst keeps flickering between two numbers: Currently there is a glitch that makes this happen when you use /reload ! Try to avoid using it! We are doing all we can to fix this problem. My Config file resets! ARINOFG9PGENR9GERNH: Weirdly at the moment you can't edit the config file while the server is turned on, so you will have to turn the server off, edit the config file, then reload the server :) We are looking into this now :D

Planned Features

· More messages for greater awareness of what you are doing. · Possibly Giants? · Toggleable Awareness Bar · Make it so mobs drop XP if level changing + awareness bar is disabled · ADDED Stopping players from drinking when they already have full thirst, making them lose their water bottle while gaining no thirst · Add configurable self-healing bandages · ADDED Fix zombie death glitch · Random spawning · Chests · ADDED Multiworld Support · Greater configurability · Configurable zombie 'types' · Optionaly zombies not burning/spawning in the day

If you want any features, please go on the forum and post a request in the ‘Requests’ section! Also if you have any problems, please go on the forum and post your problem in the ‘Problems’ section!


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