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Discovering supported permissions

From time to time you may need to quickly find out what permissions are supported by a particular mod. The first port of call should always be the mod's documentation, but this may not always be available or up-to-date. To help you discover what permissions are supported, the plugin keeps a log of every permission request received from remote clients indexed by mod name and version.

To find the list of permissions, look inside the "ClientPermissions" directory inside your Bukkit plugins directory and locate the file modinfo.yml. This file is not a configuration file but instead contains all of the permissions received from client mod queries. A typical file might look like this:

# This file is not a configuration file.
# It is used to store received permissions from client mods with permissions grouped by mod name
# and version. This can be used by server admins as a quick reference to permissions supported by
# client mods, and as a way of determining which mods are in use by players connecting to the server.
      - mod.example.*
      - mod.example.*
      - mod.example.baz

In this example you can see that two versions of the client mod "example" have connected to the server, versions 1.2 and 1.3 (in the version numbers, decimals are replaced with underscore) and version 1.3 supports an additional new permission mod.example.baz.

It is recommended not to edit the modinfo.yml file, just use it as a quick reference.


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