The following commands can be used with the plugin, but if you are not op you will need the permission clientmods.admin to access these commands.

/clientperms query <playername>

Lists a player's supported permissible mods and versions.

/clientperms refresh <playername>

Synchronises a player's permissions with the server, execute this command if you alter player permissions and wish to push the changes to the remote player immediately.

/clientperms listmods

List the mods currently supported by the plugin

/clientperms addmod <modname>

Adds a mod to the supported mods list

/clientperms removemod <modname>

Removes a mod from the supported mods list

/clientperms modversion <modname> <version>

Using this command it is possible to set a minimum supported version for a particular permissible mod. For example if version 1.2 of a mod is found to have an exploit and the author releases an updated version, you can use the command

/clientperms modversion somemod 1.3

to force players to update the mod to version 1.3, players with a version lower than 1.3 will be kicked when joining the server with a message informing them that the mod is outdated.

To clear a mod version requirement, set the required version to zero:

/clientperms modversion somemod 0

To view the current mod version threshold for a mod, do not enter a value for version:

/clientperms modversion somemod


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