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Unless otherwise indicated, this plugin will work with all versions of Bukkit and all permissions plugins that support SuperPerms.


ClientPermissions is a lightweight plugin which allows supported client mods to be controlled using ordinary bukkit permissions. It is designed to provide a more powerful and manageable alternative to "block codes" (special colour code strings added to the server MOTD to disable certain client mods), allowing client mod permissions to be granted per-group or per-user... in fact exactly like plugin permissions, but for mods!

The plugin uses plugin channel messages to communicate with supported client mods, and everything else is handled by whichever bukkit permissions system you have installed.


You will require a functioning permissions plugin already installed to be able to use this plugin, and should be familiar with how to configure permissions.

Installation / Setup Tutorial Video

Setting up the plugin

To get started using the plugin you will need to add one or more mods to the plugin. Each supported mod provides a short name which is used by the plugin to identify the mod and map its permissions. The easiest way to find out a mod's identifier is to install it yourself and connect to your server, then type the command

/clientperms query

This will report the short names and versions of all permissible mods you have installed:

Player: Mumfrey
Mods: Examplemod 1.5

To add permissions support for this mod to your server, issue the command

/clientperms add examplemod

Depending on your permissions plugin, by default adding a mod will DENY all that mod's permissions. You can then selectively grant permissions to players or groups using your permissions plugin. For example if you are using PermissionsEx you could use:

/pex user Mumfrey add mod.examplemod.somepermission

The mod's supported permissions can be found in the mod's documentation, or see the section below on discovering supported permissions. As a convention most mod permissions will take the form "mod.<modname>.<permission>", so for example to grant full access to all of a mod's functionality to the group "moderators", you could use:

/pex group moderators add mod.examplemod.*

Again this example assumes you are using PermissionsEx, change the command to the syntax used by the permissions plugin you are using.

Additional Information

Supported mods

At the current time the following mods are known to support ClientPermissions for controlling features:

For mod authors

If you want to add ClientPermissions support to your own projects, contact Mumfrey or you can check out the source on GitHub


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