The config is made pretty messy. Please forgive me for this!

//Maximum Clicks allowed before getting alerted/kicked
MaxClicks: 5

//Minimum amount of clicks before it notifies the staffs with the permission
CPSNotifyAmount: 3

//Amount of seconds when the clicks for every player gets reset
Seconds: 1

//Check if you want to kick the player when they reach the max clicks
KickPlayer: true

//The permission to view the alerts
PermissionToView: cps.view

//If you want to choose the worlds to enable CPS in, turn this to true
ChooseWorlds: false

//If you set the above to true, you can choose the worlds here
- world

//Make this true if you want to make the console run a command when they reach the Max CPS
CustomCommandUse: true

//If you have DelayMessage to true, you can set the amount of time all the message gets sent
SecondsPerMessage: 5

//If you want spam, and want the message to be sent every few seconds, turn this to true.
DelayMessage: true

//If you have KickPlayer to true, you can put the kick message here.
KickMessage: '&4Warning: You have gone past the maximum amount of CPS!'

//If you turn the CustomCommandUse to true, you can add the commands you want to run here
- say %player% has been kicked!

//If you want to check for the Fishing Rods as well, turn this to true. (Note, fishing rods take 2 clicks for every time you use it)
RightClickCheck: false


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