The simplest sign editing plugin around!

Compatible with all region/protection plugins!


  • Shift+Right click a sign to edit it. Its that simple!
  • Color code support! Put '&', followed by a number from 0-9, or a letter from a-o.
  • Compatible with region protection plugins. Players can only edit signs where they are allowed to!
  • Permissions support

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  • clickedit.edit - Permission to use the editor
  • clickedit.color - Permission to add color to signs


  • /clickedit edit - Brings up the sign editor for the sign you are looking at
  • /clickedit edit [line #] [text] - Edit a line on a sign directly (supports region protection & chat colors)


  • Requires ProtocolLib
  • Drag and drop the plugin into your plugins folder! Thats it!

Additional Information

This plugin utilises Hidendra's plugin metrics system, which means that the following information is collected and sent to

  • A unique identifier
  • The server's version of Java
  • Whether the server is in offline or online mode
  • The plugin's version
  • The server's version
  • The OS version/name and architecture
  • The core count for the CPU
  • The number of players online
  • The Metrics version

Opting out of this service can be done by editing plugins/Plugin Metrics/config.yml and changing opt-out to true.

This plugin also utilizes Gravity's Auto-updater. This allows the plugin to automatically download new versions that are approved by the bukkit staff.

If you would like to disable this, you may edit plugins/ClickEdit/config.yml and change enable-updater to false.


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