Config setup

How to setup your config!

Where is the config? plugins\ClearLag\config.yml

Configuring Entity Filter/Remover Lists

Entity lists in clearlagg are highly configurable. You're able to filter based on many attributes such as name, livetime, and whether the entity is actively mounted. These filters are available for all entity lists!

These attributes can be reversed by putting a ! in front of it. So for example, !isMounted would be "Is NOT mounted", while isMounted would be "IS mounted".

Attribute Filters:
  • hasName - This will filter any entity that has a custom name
  • liveTime=100 - This will filter any entity that has lived for 100 ticks
  • isMounted - This will filter any entity that is currently mounted
  • name="Bob" - This will filter any entity with the name Bob
  • id=1 - This will filter any ITEM entity with the ID of 1 (stone)

The following config section will filter any Minecart that IS currently mounted from being removed by /lagg area

    - Minecart isMounted

This will remove any Pig named Testing, any Zombie WITH a name, and any Minecart that IS NOT mounted

  enabled: true
  limit: 10
    - Pig name="Testing"
    - Zombie hasName
    - Minecart !isMounted

You're able to define more then one entity of the same type, like so:

- Item id=1
- Item id=2
- Pig name="bob7l"
- Pig name="Joe"


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