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Version: 1.0 Author: Azli


ClearLag is a powerful plugin designed to help server administrators reduce lag by automatically clearing dropped items in the world at regular intervals. With customizable settings, ClearLag provides an efficient way to maintain server performance and ensure a smooth gameplay experience for all players.


  • Automatic Item Clearing: Configurable interval for automatic item clearing to keep your server lag-free.
  • Manual Clearing Command: Administrators can manually trigger item clearing with a simple command.
  • Customizable Messages: Set your own warning and final messages to inform players about upcoming item clear events.
  • Reloadable Configuration: Easily reload the plugin configuration without restarting the server.


  • /clearlag <minutes>: Clears dropped items after a set number of minutes.
  • Permission: clearlag.command
  • /clearlagreload: Reloads the ClearLag plugin configuration.
  • Permission: clearlag.reload


  • clearlag.command: Allows the use of the /clearlag command.
  • clearlag.reload: Allows the use of the /clearlagreload command.


The default configuration file (config.yml) is created on the first run. You can customize the following settings:

auto-clear-interval: 10
warning-message: "[ClearLag] Trash will be deleted in %time% minutes."
final-message: "[ClearLag] %count% items
have been cleared from the world."

• auto-clear-interval: Interval in minutes for automatic item clearing.
• warning-message: Message displayed to players 1 minute before items are cleared.
• final-message: Message displayed to players after items have been cleared.

## Installation
Download the ClearLag plugin jar file.
Place the jar file in your server's plugins directory.
Restart the server to generate the default configuration file.
Customize the config.yml file to suit your needs.
Use the /clearlagreload command to apply any changes made to the configuration.

## Support
If you encounter any issues or have any questions, please feel free to reach out for support. Your feedback is valuable and helps improve the plugin.


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