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Ever get tired of having hundreds of dropped items just sitting around causing massive server side and client side lag? Well, here's a solution! Yeah, yeah, I know there are other plugins out there that do this but they can contain a bunch more commands that could be useless, and of no benefit to you. ClearDroppedItems is a simple light weight plugin just topping 3 KB (Now 5 KB) and has less than 50 (Now 80) lines of code. I mean, how much simpler can you get than that (Still pretty simple)?

Please leave comments about features you would like to have :D

Commands/ Permissions

Now updated ClearDroppedItems has: /cd, /cd clear, /cd version, /cd nearby <radius>, /cd timer <time in seconds> I have taken the time to go ahead and add permissions on it so that under-ranked players could not abuse it (Down Below)

Once again here are the command(s) and permission(s): Command(s): /cd, /cd clear, /cd version, /cd nearby <radius>, /cd timer <time in seconds> Permisson(s): cd.use

Feel free to leave your server IP and IGN in the comments so I can see this plugin in action!

As stated above, I DO need help, so I am currently open to any sugestions or any questions about being a tester/helper/etc. E-mail me at: [email protected]

-Thanks Andrew


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