Basic portals! This brings back Minecraft Classic type portals for you to use in your game!
This quickly TPs you around a map or map to map!

Working with 1.6+ (Checked 16/8/13)


  • Permissions support, or OP only to create and delete portals.
  • Create worlds with one command!
  • Two commands to create or delete portals.
  • Flat-file based
  • Multiworld support.

Tutorial video here:
How to use: /portal & /dportal

  • Use two basic commands (/portal & /dportal) to create/delete portals!
  • To create a portal, type "/portal <worldname> <X> <Y> <Z>" and it will create a portal at the point you're standing at!
  • (<worldname> being the world it'll take you to, <X> the X
    coordinate and the same with Y and Z)
  • When the portal is created, just walk into it and you will be teleported somewhere!
  • To remove the teleport, place a block at its location, look at it & type "/dportal" and it should be deleted!

How to use: /wc

  • To create a world, type "/wc <name> <environment> <type>", <name> being the world name,
    <environment> being "normal", "nether", or "the_end" and <type> being "flat", "normal" or "large_biomes".
  • When the world has been created, you can then make a portal to it.

How to use: /wtp

  • To teleport to a world, type "/wtp <worldname>", <name> being the world name.
  • It should just teleport you.

Permnode - Info

  • cp.create - Allows the use of /portal (OP only) This command creates portals.
  • cp.delete - Allows the use of /dportal (OP only) This command deletes portals.
  • cp.use - Allows players to teleport using the portals. (All players)
  • cp.worldcreate - Allows the use of /wc (OP only). This command creates worlds.
  • cp.worldteleport - Allows the use of /wtp (OP only). This command teleports you between worlds.


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