Clan Wars

Clan Wars

Latest release is 7.0


Aiming to be easy to use, flexible, and giving lots of options for the owner and players. Building upon the basic ability for groups known as clans to claim areas they can also individually distribute the land within the clan by the way of selling it or having it all be common land. Giving clans as much organisation and depth as they want with the addition of ranks. A clan leader can create as many ranks as he wants each with their own name and abilities. You can restrict building rights, ability to invite, or letting them claim land through the use of the ranks that are created. Clans are limited by the amount of land they can claim with the use of influence, a player is given on default 10 which can be configured and it goes down by 1 each time they die then slowly has to climb back up. More clan members means more influence and more land but if a clan tries to claim too much land then loses influence that land is now open for other clans to grab. Features still being added meaning your players will be happy whenever an update comes out.

Optional ecnomic support if you have vault installed.

Constently updates and improvements are on the way.

If you use essentials to get the tag to show in chat put change-displayname: false in the essentials config. (Only if you do not have vault)


  • /Clan player [player], gives some info on the player.
  • /Clan create [name], creates your clan.
  • /Clan leave, leaves the clan you are in.
  • /Clan kick [player], kicks a player from your clan.
  • /Clan invite [player], invites a player to your clan
  • /Clan join [name], accept the invitation and join the clan.
  • /Clan promote [player], promote a player within your clan.
  • /Clan demote [player], demote a player within your clan.
  • /Clan info [clan], gives some details on the clan.
  • /Clan sethome, sets clan home.
  • /Clan home, teleport player to clan home.
  • /Clan claim, claims land for the clan.
  • /Clan unclaim. unclaims clan land.
  • /Clan check, says which clan owns this area.
  • /Clan tp [player], sends a tp request to player.
  • /Clan tphere [player], requests player tp to you.
  • /Clan tpaccept, accepts last tp request.
  • /Clan tag [tag], changes a clans tag.
  • /Clan chat [Global/Clan/Ally], toggles between clan chat.
  • /Clan ally [clan], sets clan as an ally.
  • /Clan rival [clan], sets clan as a rival.
  • /Clan CreateRank [Rank], creates a rank within your clan.
  • /Clan SetRank [Player] [Rank], set a players rank within your clan.
  • /Clan EditRank [Rank] [Perm] [Value], edits a ranks permissions.
  • /CMsg [name] [msg], sends a message to designated player.
  • /AClan version, gives version of the plugin.
  • /AClan reload, reloads the plugin.
  • /AClan mute, mutes player from speaking.
  • /AClan unmute, allows player to speak again.
  • /AClan unclaim, unclaims area you are in.
  • /AClan worldtoggle, toggles claiming in world.
  • /AClan tp [player], teleports you to the player.
  • /AClan tphere [player], teleports player to you.
  • /AClan safezone, claims land as a safezone.
  • /AClan warzone, claims land as a warzone.
  • /AClan chatbypass, allows to spy chat.


  • Clanwars.*
  • Clanwars.aclan
  • Clanwars.clan.*
  • Clanwars.clan.player
  • Clanwars.clan.create
  • Clanwars.clan.invite
  • Clanwars.clan.join
  • Clanwars.clan.home
  • Clanwars.clan.fftoggle
  • Clanwars.clan.owner
  • Clanwars.clan.leave
  • Clanwars.clan.kick
  • Clanwars.clan.sethome
  • Clanwars.clan.promote
  • Clanwars.clan.claim
  • Clanwars.clan.check
  • Clanwars.clan.tag
  • Clanwars.clan.rival
  • Clanwars.clan.ranks
  • Clanwars.aclan.reload
  • Clanwars.aclan.mute
  • Clanwars.aclan.version
  • Clanwars.aclan.safezone
  • Clanwars.aclan.warzone
  • Clanwars.aclan.chatbypass

If your perms are not working also add clanwars.clan


Setting file example

To do

  • Add ability to check top clans/player
  • Multilanguage support.
  • Admin toggled friendly fire
  • Add unclaim alls
  • Clan Chests
  • Dynmap
  • Config Explosion damage toggle


I have intentionally designed this plugin to work without the need for vault allowing players to have this option since I do not wish to force players to have both Vault and an economy. So if you have neither the plugin is still completely workable although you will be missing out on some of the finer features such as:

  • Picking where Clan tag goes
  • Setting various prices for commands
  • Allowing players to sell their land within a clan

Feel free to make suggestions, everything will be considered.

Join the official server at

For reliable hosts go to:

Feel free to pm me your server, I would gladly like to see my plugin in action ;)


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