Index of useful info


Please note: For the best experience with CityWorld, I STRONGLY recommend you use a multi-world manager plugin instead of using the CityWorld command. There are a number of world creation/management gotchas that are not handled by CityWorld and that is what the various multi-world plugins are for. For more information about multi-world managers plugins: check out the installation notes.

If you just want to explore CityWorld and don't have a multi-world manager plugin installed then I have included a few commands for server operators.

To perform a command just type the letter "T" and enter the following...

/CityWorld [Leave] [Normal | Nether | The_End] [Floating]

If you leave out the Leave you will be transported to CityWorld. Adding the Leave will transport you to Minecraft/Bukkit's default world, which is normally the world called "world". Please read the note above.

/CityChunk [Regen] [Clean] [ChunkRadius]

  • Regen will force the chunk to regenerate.
  • Clean will remove any "floating" items.
  • Providing ChunkRadius will cause the operation to effect not just the current chunk but surrounding ones as well, this is an integer. For example, specifying 3 as ChunkRadius will perform the operation on an area of 7x7 chunks centered on your current chunk.


This command will give you basic information about the current chunk you are in. It returns the Context name and class name (e.g. HI_RISE, MUNICIPAL, INDUSTRIAL. etc) and the Lot name and class name. E.g. Nature, Farm, Structure, Road Roundabout and Clipboard. If the chunk contains a schematic then the file name of the schematic will also be displayed. Information appears in chat and server logs. The classnames can be used with the API for "instanceof" checks.

  • (CityInfo description and code contributed by Sablednah)


You can disable the commands via permissions. Remember they all default to op, so if you want to play with the commands you will need to make sure you have added yourself to the ops.txt file.

cityworld.commandallows users to enter and leave the default CityWorldop
cityworld.createallows users to create the default CityWorldop
citychunk.commandallows users to perform chunk maintenanceop
cityinfo.commandallows users to get information about the current chunkop