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Assigned to _ForgeUser7385311
  • _ForgeUser10881181 created this issue Jun 24, 2013

    What is the issue?

    I can not get more then 500 schems to load.

    Please provide any additional information below.

    Hey love this plugin and I would be so thrilled fi I could gen the cities with custom schems. My problem comes in because Im trying to abolish most all of the default buildings altogether and replace with all my own. I have 150 schems which contains some doubles for more gen probability and then all ymls are set to 1. I am trying to load all of the schems into the high mid and low rise folders and it is just too much for the server to do and it just wont do anything. Even left it alone for a few hours to gen but it did nothing. Server is using 5gb of RAM. Is there another way for me to make this work out? I am using skyscrapers that are pretty big but none over the height limit which can be proven because I can gen the schems in 1 of the high mid or low rise folders just not all 3. Also the 150 schems is still not enough to replace all the defualt buildings in that area. If I cant get them all to be my custom builds it would just look silly. If you could either help me out a bit with some pointers or maybe tell me how to go into the coding and maybe just replace or remove the default buildings with my own that would be awesome.

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  • _ForgeUser7385311 posted a comment Jul 24, 2013

    I suspect that you are just running out of memory. Right now CityWorld just tries to load up all the schematics at once. As for removing the default buildings, those are all procedurally generated and don't take up much memory, Ks at most.

    After the next release (this week), I will do two things. First I will put in some additional logging options that folks can turn on to see what is going on during their world generation. That should help you figure out if there is a particular schematic having the problem. Second I will see I can wedge in an option to not generate the built in buildings.

    Remember that CityWorld just uses WorldEdit to load schematics, so it is possible that there is some sort of interaction going on there too. What version of WorldEdit are you using?

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