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  • _ForgeUser9244573 created this issue Apr 18, 2013

    I love your worldgen. Have you tried it with FeedTheBeast mods yet? I have and there is sort of an issue...volcanoes spawn EVERYWHERE. It sucks because you can't disabled them in Red Power 2. For some reason, they spawn way too much in my CityWorld's. It's a ridiculous amount actually. The cities are surrounded in volcanoes and even some buildings are like part of a volcano. I know this is more of a problem with RP2, but I was just wondering if you had any ideas on how to avoid the problem. The volcanoes generate when a chunk first loads. I saw a nice city block load and i was like "okay cool, no volc-" then suddenly 2 volcanoes spawned and buried the entire city block :(

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  • _ForgeUser9244573 posted a comment Apr 18, 2013

    I'm generating the chunks using WorldBorders right now, hoping that if I'm not in the game the volcanoes won't spawn. I'll update this in the morning. I have a feeling your city buildings might not spawn either if I'm not in the game, but I could be wrong.

  • _ForgeUser9244573 posted a comment Apr 23, 2013

    FYI, generating the world with WB while not logged in didn't help. The volcanoes still appear when you are in the world and they wreck big chunks of city. Unfortunately the mod creator of RedPower2 is stubborn and will not even let users config volcanoes (and other parts of her widely used mod). She seems extremely strict about her mod, which honestly I don't even use and the volcanoes are too abundant even in a normal world and half the time they are ugly and very non-volcano shaped.

    Anyway, these world-gen plugins don't really work too hot with MCPC+ and Forge. Something weird happens and the server's TPS will plummet eventually, even with spawn areas not in memory of multiverse or multiworld worlds. I think it might have to do with creature spawning because I was getting over 1000 entities in memory for a world that didn't even have any players on it. Plus, chickenchunks has tries to clear orphaned chunks unless you disable that feature on it, so basically all the multiworld chunks are considered orphaned by Forge I guess(?). I gave up after messing with multi worlds for about 10 hours, haha.

    For what it's worth, I loved your world gen. I think as people discover MCPC+, more servers will be running it. It would be cool if bukkit plugin authors recognized MCPC+ and tried to make their plugins work with Forge more. For your plugin, most MCPC+ servers won't be able to use it because everyone has RedPower2 (unfortunately) and the volcanoes totally destroy the city world :(.

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  • _ForgeUser7385311 posted a comment Apr 28, 2013

    @snake2332: Go

    Well that is both cool and icky all at once. I have to admit that trying to keeping the plugin working with the ever evolving Minecraft, Bukkit, Forge, and MCPC+ is pretty overwhelming. :-(

    I really hope that once Minecraft's official MODing API is release these incompatibilities will be easier to deal with.

    OBTW... I can understand why RedPower2's author is stingy with config options, testing the resulting permutations can be mind crushing.

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