Commands & Permissions

Commands & Permissions


/guard create (CreatureType)Create a new guard.
/guard sethorizontal/-vertical (size)Set the watch size.
/guard setdamage (damage)Set the damage multiplier.
/guard setinvincible (true/false)Set if the guard is invincible.
/guard settime (day/night/all)Set the time the guard is active.
/guard setname (name)Name your guard.
/guard moveMove the guard to the position you are looking at.
/guard deleteDelete the guard.
/guard adminhelpShow admin commands.
Admin commands
/guard debugToggle debug mode.
/guard saveconfigSave the config to the file.
/guard reloadconfigReload the config from the file.



  • description: Gives access to all CityGuard commands.
  • children:
    • cityguard.user: true
    • cityguard.admin: true
  • cityguard.user:
    • description: Gives access to all user commands
    • children:
      • cityguard.user.create: Allows you to create a guard
      • cityguard.user.modifyown: Allows you to do whatever you want with your guard
  • cityguard.admin:
    • description: Gives access to all admin commands and the adminhelp.
    • children:
      • cityguard.admin.modifyall: Allows you to do everything with every guard
      • cityguard.admin.accessconfig: Grants access to config commands
      • cityguard.admin.debug : Required to toggle debug mode


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