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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

A very useful tool to make big gates, like a city gate or something like that. You can easily through commands open and close the gates. You can also automatically open and close the gates. For example by time. A main feature is that you can add animation to the gates! So you see the gate opening and closing.


How to install

Download the jar,put it in the plugins folder and restart the server The plugin will make a config file. You are able to edit the file, but read the comments first!



  • /ghelp <page number> - help funcie
  • /ggroup - help funcite
  • /gsetperm [gate/group] [all/open/close/kill/button] [true/false] - set Permissions for each gate

Gate Managing

  • /gp1 - select point 1
  • /gp2 - select point 2
  • /gcreate [GateName] <Direction> - create a gate (with animation)
  • /gremove [GateName] <all> - remove a gate
  • /ginfo [Gate/Group] - info about a gate
  • /glist <Group/Gate> - list all the Gates and/or Groups
  • /show - show selection
  • /gsetclose [Gate] - update the blocks that represent the gate when it's close
  • /gsetopen [Gate] - update the blocks that represent the gate when it's open
  • /gsetanimation [Gate] [Direction] - add animation to a gate
  • /gsetperm [Gate/Group] [All/Open/Close/Kill/Button] [true/false] - set permission for gates/group

Group Managing

  • /ggroup create [Group] - create a group
  • /ggroup del [Group] - delete a group
  • /ggroup add [Group] [Gate/Group] - Add to group
  • /ggroup remove [Group] [Gate/Group] - Remove from group
  • /ggroup clear [Group] - Clear a group
  • /ggroup setDelay [Group] [time delay (in millisecond)c] - Set delay

Gate Actions

  • /gOpen [Gate/Group] - Open a Gate/Group
  • /gClose[Gate/Group] - Close a Gate/Group
  • /gGroup timeGate [Gate/Group] [true/false] - Gate open and close by time!
  • /gGroup redstone [Gate/Group] [true/false] look at the redstone - Add a redstone listener
  • /gGroup mobKill [Gate/Group] [mob/del] <Kill Msg> - Gate open and close when the mob is slayen!
  • /gGroup button [Gate/Group] [true/false] [time delay (in milli sec)] look at the button - Add a non-toggle button listener


  • /greload - reload config
  • /gupdate - Update your CityGates if there is a new version
  • /gcheck - Check for a new version of CityGates


You can just use for admins: citygates.admin.* And for Users: citygates.user.*


  • citygates.admin.p1
  • citygates.admin.p2
  • citygates.admin.create
  • citygates.admin.remove
  • citygates.admin.timegate
  • citygates.admin.kill
  • citygates.admin.button
  • citygates.admin.clear
  • citygates.admin.reload
  • citygates.admin.setperm
  • citygates.admin.setopen
  • citygates.admin.setclose
  • citygates.admin.addanimation


  • citygates.user.close
  • citygates.user.list

Gate Permission

First set permission: use the command /gsetperm [Gate/Group] [all/open/close/kill/button] [true/false], Than you need this: citygates.user.gate.[Gate/Group] for example: citygates.user.gate.testgate If you're admin you will need to open all the gates. You need this: citygates.user.gate.*

Tutorial Make a Gate

  1. Look at the upper left corner and type: /gp1
  2. Look at the lower right corner and type /gp2
  3. To create a gate type: /gcreate [Gate name], for example: /gcreate testGate
  4. If you want to open the gate type: /gopen [Gate], for example: /gopen testGate
  5. If you want to Remove the gate type: /rgremove [Gate], for example: /gremove testGate
  6. If you want info about a gate type: /ginfo [Gate], for example: /ginfo testGate
  7. If you want to list al the gates you have created type: /glist
  8. If you want to that the gates close when it is night and open when it is day, type: /gtimegate [Gate] true
  9. If you want to remove this, type: /gtimegate [Gate] false
  10. If you want to close the gate by redstone, look at the redstone and type: /gredstone [Gate] true
  11. If you want to remove this, type: /gredstone [Gate] false
  12. If you want to open the gate when a mob is sla# yen, type: /gkill [Gate] [mob] [Kill msg] For mob you have to enter a mob type by name. For kill msg you have to enter a message witch will been displayed when you kill the mob
  13. For help type: /help
  14. If you want to open you gate temporarily you can do this by a button listener, Look at the button and type: "/gbutton [Gate] true [time that the gate is open (in milli seconds)]
  15. If you want that the gate open when a mob is slayen, for example: by at a survival test. you have to type: "/gkill [Gate] [mob] <Kill msg>. Kill msg is optional.
  16. If you want to remove this kill listener, type: "/gkill [Gate] del

Make a Group

  1. First you need gates
  2. To create a group type: /ggroup create [Group name]
  3. To add a gate to the group type: /ggroup add [Group] [Gate]
  4. To remove a gate from a group type: /group remove [Group] [Gate]
  5. To remove all the gates from a group type: /ggroup clear [Group]
  6. To Delete a group type: /ggroup del [Group]
  7. You can add Listener to the group just like a gate: you have to replace gate with the group. For example: /gtimegate [Group] true
  8. You can also add groups to a group. For example: you have group A and group B. /ggroup add A B. Now if you type, gopen A, all the gates from group A and group B are opening. If you type /gopen B only the gates of group B will open


  • Create a new Gate: /gcreate [gatename] <north/east/south/west/up/down>
  • Excisting gate: /gsetanimation [gate] [north/east/south/west/up/down]

Multiple Listeners

If you want to add more than 1 of the same listener to a gate/group, you have to do the next: For example I'm going to create a gate with 3 redstone Listeners

  1. Create a gate /gcreate testgate
  2. Add 1e listener: /gredstone testgate true
  3. Create a group /ggroup create testgroup1
  4. Add 2e listener /gredstone testgroup1 true
  5. Create a 2e group /ggroup create testgroup2
  6. Add 3e listener /gredstone testgroup2 true Now you have a gate with 3 redstone listeners!

Credits to the old author Deathlykiller for giving this plugin over to me


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