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  • CB 1185


  • KEY FEATURES -Citizens is now modular! You can download the full package or a customized ZIP file at www.citizensnpcs.net -Questers (see the Quester page on wiki.citizensnpcs.net for more information) -Guards (see the Guard page wiki.citizensnpcs.net for more information) -updated to Minecraft Beta 1.8.1 -updated to latest CraftBukkit Recommended Build
  • ADDED -added support for MultiCurrency, BOSEconomy7, and iConomy6 -added 'citizens.evils.immune' permission node, those with this node will not be attacked by Evil NPCs -added ability to have an NPC say multiple lines of text at once using the <br> tag -added '/citizens clean' command as a temporary workaround command to remove any "ghost NPCs", its effects are only noticable upon relogging -added 'evil.spawn.chance' node in mobs.yml -added 'citizens.admin.override.setowner' and 'citizens.admin.override.remove' nodes, see wiki for more info -added configurable mana-costs for wizards ('wizards.mana-costs') nodes in citizens.yml -added 'general.chat.space-char' node in citizens.yml, the value you specify is the character that you can use to add spaces to NPC names -added ability to have any Citizens console errors automatically report to errorreport.citizensnpcs.net if the node 'debug.enable-error-reporting' is true, you can set the name that is associated with each report by changing the 'debug.error-reporting-ident' node
  • CHANGED -made lots of changes to configuration settings; delete all config files and let them regenerate (if you fail to do so there will be issues) -healers now are used by right-clicking, not left-clicking -moved economy settings from economy.yml to citizens.yml -Evil NPCs no longer drop diamond swords -you can no longer set '*' as a wizard's interact-item -/npc remove all command no longer requires an NPC to be selected to execute -changed 'general.debug-mode' node to 'debug.debug-mode'
  • FIXED -fixed saving bug with waypoints -fixed compatibility with Bukkit permissions -fixed copied NPCs moving back to the original NPCs location on a server restart/reload -fixed '/npc moveto' command requiring all arguments, now only requires x, y, and z coords to work -fixed npc arrow spam
  • REMOVED -removed item economy; now if 'economy.use-economy' is true and an economy plugin is detected, Citizens will use that plugin, otherwise everything is free -removed support for Permissions 2.7.x/3.x -removed '/npc item' and '/npc armor' commands in favor of new '/npc equip' command that toggles item-edit mode -removed 'slashes-to-spaces' node in citizens.yml
  • API CHANGES (for developers, the API page on our Wiki for more information): -added CitizensEnableEvent and CitizensDisableEvent for when Citizens is enabled/disabled -added NPCRemoveEvent, called when an NPC is manually or naturally removed from a world -merged NPCSpawnEvent and NPCCreateEvent -added CitizensReloadEvent, only called when '/citizens reload' command is used -added NPCToggleTypeEvent -added CitizensManager, use this for checking isNPC, getting an NPC from a UID or entity, etc; we recommend to no longer use NPCManager