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    Aug 24, 2011
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1060


  • if you have the 'citizens.admin' node and the node 'general.notify-updates' is set to true, you will be notified if a new version of Citizens is available
  • fixed Evil NPCs spawning in blocks
  • fixed Evil NPCs failing to get damaged properly
  • wizard-interact-item can now be set to '*'
  • added option to have a wizard with unlimited mana (toggle using in-game command '/wizard unlimited')
  • any single quotes around config values will now break the plugin (100% intended)
  • fixed economy plugin accounts going negative when using blacksmiths
  • fixed inventory not updating properly while making purchases
  • fixed wrong amount of item currency being removed from inventory when using a blacksmith
  • support for built-in Bukkit permissions system ('general.use-bukkit-permissions' node in citizens.yml)
  • fixed Evil NPCs not attacking until attacked
  • revamped permissions nodes again (see documentation on GitHub wiki)
  • fixed economy plugin accounts going negative when creating an NPC
  • added ability to give a 'citizens.npccount.(amount)' node to players, with (amount) being the maximum NPCs that a player/group can create (use 'citizens.npccount.unlimited' for unlimited NPCs)
  • changed '/npc talkclose', '/npc lookat', and '/trader unlimited' commands to not use true/false arguments, now you can just toggle them
  • replaced '/npc id' and '/npc owner' commands with '/npc', which also shows the NPC's current type(s)
  • fixed renaming an NPC resetting its toggled types
  • changed '/blacksmith uses' to '/blacksmith status', now shows cost of repairing your in-hand item
  • Guards and Questers are not finished yet, DO NOT REPORT BUGS ABOUT THEM (or even mention them)
  • NPCs can disappear when teleporting near them. (?)
  • ENTITY_DAMAGE errors and "Could not cast blah to blah" errors - FIX THESE BY REMOVING ALL SINGLE QUOTES IN YOUR CONFIGURATION FILES BESIDES items.select-items and general.chat.format