Currently working on CitiTraders 2 - Fixing alot of hold over errors and issues.

As I get a chance to update I will do on this page CitiTraders2

Cititraders enables your citizens 2 NPCs to act as traders, buying and selling goods. It works good for admin shops and player shops alike. All traders use the inventory interface for buy/sell and players don't need any commands to interact with Traders.

You can see more details at CitiTraders Wiki

Issues: Issues at JIRA

Recommended Builded: RC-5 Release Candidate

Development Builded: Jenkins lastSuccessful Build

Setting Up A Trader

Setting Up A Trader


Right Click the NPC
Opens the selling window, here the players will select what item they wish to purchase from the NPC
Right Click the Item
displays a price of the item
Left Click the Item
Opens the final sales window, from here a player can right click again for stack price, or left click to purchase the stack
Left Click the NPC
this will open the buy window for NPC, currently players need to just drag and drop items to the inventory and close the window, unpurchased items are dropped if NPC can't purchase these items (soon they will not be able to be dropped into the inventory if NPC can't purchase them)

Adding Stock

Right Click the NPC with a BOOK in your hand
This will open an inventory screen where you can place any items you want to sell, if an ADMIN shop these items will not be reduced with sales, but you still need to put 64 (or max stack) of an item to get a full listing of amount in sales window.
Linked Chests
If you have linked chests, adding stock is as easy as opening the chest that is linked to the trader, and adding what you want to it.


Commands Permissions are currently listed here for CitiTraders 2




Limits and Profiles


Just place into the plugins folder and restart the server, make sure you have a working version of Citizens2 and Vault installed first


  • Citizens 2
  • Vault with economy plugin such as BOSEconomy and permissions such as zPermissions.
  • (Optional) Towny


  • Add shop managers and assistants
  • rewrite selltoplayer to allow for easier buystack and to improve performance


  • tehbeard - Original Author
  • tenowg - Current Maintainer

CitiTrader Metrics


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