Chunk Visualizer - Find chunk borders with ease

Version: 0.2

ChunkVisualizer in use.

Have you ever needed to determine exactly where one chunk ends and the other begins? Maybe you run a hardcore factions server and want to protect your land more efficiently. Perhaps you need to determine biome borders. Either way, ChunkVisualizer is a simple solution to your problem. On typing /chunkvisualizer or /cv, a glass border replaces air blocks in a border around your current chunk. Server admins take note, this glass is client-side, can only be seen by the person who just typed the command, and will, in fact, not modify your world in any way. In order to prevent abuse, this client-side glass disappears when the player moves.


  • Easily displays chunk borders
  • Does not modify your world file
  • Safe to give to your users


  • chunkvisualizer.view: Gives access to the command.


  • requiresop: Controls whether or not only server operators can use the command. If false, anyone (even those w/out the permissions node) can use /cv


  • Q: But plugin developer, what are these mysterious "chunks" you speak of? A: This.


  • v0.1 - Initial Release
  • v0.2 - Important derp fix.


  • None yet. Please post suggestions.

Known Bugs:

  • Technically possible to stop yourself from falling by spamming the command in midair while falling along a chunk border.


  • The Bukkit Team - For everything.
  • Astrognome - Original plugin request


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