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This plugin allows you to select chunks and keep them loaded, also when no player is near. This can be useful for e.g. large redstone circuits, minecart transportation systems or commandblocks. *Yay* :D

That means exactly?

There is still more! If you have a loooong railway, you could immagine how long it would take to mark every single chunk on the way by hand, wouldn't you? That's an absolutely no-go. And thats why there is a command to follow you while travelling around! So you could sit in your minecart, go all the way in minutes and relax. :) But there's not just the possibility to keep those marked chunks loaded. You will also own them, which means your chunks belong to you and nobody can unmark them (unless they've got the right permissions... :/). And when somebody else tries to own you chunk, don't be afraid. They will co-own this chunk, to guarantee it will be kept loaded. :)


/chunkup help - Gives a short overview to the available commands

/chunkup info - Shows you basic informations about the chunk you're in

/chunkup list - Shows you a list of all marked chunks

/chunkup mark [description] - Marks the chunk you're in and adds an optional description

/chunkup follow mark|unmark [description] - Follows the player and marks all chunks he travels through ("description" works only using "mark")

/chunkup escape - Stops chasing the player

/chunkup unmark - Unmarks the chunks you're in

/chunkup unmarkall [player] - Unmarks all chunks of the player using it or of the given player

/chunkup get|set ignoreInterval|refreshTime|altChunkLoader|owners|info [value] - Shows/changes the named plugin settings; Check out "Some further description" to get some hints on this settings

Alias for "/chunkup" is "/cu"

Some further description

The "description" argument is optional and gets used to group greater areas of chunks together. At the moment no features which use this value are implemented, it's just used to give the players a better overview. In a future release I'll add some management functions.

"ignoreInterval" is used to skip some PlayerMovementEvents, which are used to follow the player. This makes the processing of chunks faster, while the player is chased. It's standart value is 10, which should be enough to speed the plugin up a little, while maintaining full functionality. Greater values can speed up the plugin, but you risk to miss some chunks, if you travel through them fast.

"refreshTime" tells the server how many ticks can go by until the plugin reloads marked chunks. A server running on normal speed should have around 20 ticks per second, while the standart value of "refreshTime" is set to 50. This means chunks are reloaded every 2,5 seconds. The standart value is set this low, to guarantee full functionality with most the servers. It is highly recommended to fine tune this value by your own and post suggestions for other working values.

"altChunkLoader" is a setting to toggle event based chunk loading. This makes the plugin much more efficient. As long as you don't have dozens of players moving around while keeping up dozens of chunks, it is highly recommended to use this way to keep your chunks loaded. To toggle it, use the [value] argument with true/false. Since version 1.2.0 this feature is enabled by default.

"owners" is a setting to determine if the owner system is used or not. If it is enabled, only the player who marked a chunk or everyone with the "chunkup.unmarkall" permission can unmark it. If it is disabled, marked chunks will still have their owners, but everybody with the "chunkup.unmarkall.own" permission can remove all chunks. Owners are enabled by default.

Permission nodes











Recent changes

- Added Tab completion support for all commands!

Current work in progress

- Adding max chunks limit for players

Latest update 07. April 2016


The plugin was tested with PaperSpigot and works also with Bukkit. It doesn't work with Spigot, because Spigot blocks any attempt to load chunks out of range from players.


This plugin was compiled using Java 1.8.

Keep in mind, that this plugin might impact on your server performance, depending on how many chunks you want to stay loaded. :/

The source code of this plugin is available on Github (see repo link). Also any suggestions and feedback from the community are welcome! And one last thing: I'm a native german, so I apologize for my speaking/spelling errors.

If you like my work, feel free do donate :)


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