A Bukkit plugin to prevent selected chunks from unloading
Inspired by ForeverALoad by Piedo_bear which is discontinued as of Minecraft 1.2

Requires WorldEdit

/chunkload add <name> - adds the chunks of the current selection as region <name> and prevents them from unloading
/chunkload remove <name> - deletes the region, so it may be unloaded again
/chunkload list [page] - lists the currently defined regions
/chunkload select <name> - sets your WorldEdit selection to the chunks of region <name>

/chunkload configure <name> - shows the region and its configuration
/chunkload configure <name> <option> - shows the value of <option>
/chunkload configure <name> <option> true|false|default - turns an option on or off for region <name>
/chunkload configure <name> -<option> - (minus sign in front of the option) sets <option> to its default value (same as /chunkload configure <name> <option> default)

/chunkload options - lists all available options:
    - inactive: chunks of inactive regions may be unloaded; this can be used to temporarily disable a region
    - load-on-start: load the chunks of this region into memory at server startup

/chunkload reload - rereads the configuration file - TODO: this doesn't work

/cl is an alias to /chunkload
all subcommands except reload can be abbreviated to their first letter

Special Regions:
    - __global__: a region containing a complete world

To use ChunkLoad you need either the chunkload.usage permission or (if enabled in the configuration) be an operator on the server

allow-ops - allow operators to use ChunkLoad even if they don't have the required permissions; default: true
worlds.<worldname>.<regionname> - rectangles of chunks to keep loaded, manual editing at your own risk

- have a look at the ForeverALoad features and implement them

This plugin is licensed under GPLv2 or (at your option) any later version
The source can be found on my github:


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