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ChunkFixer is a plugin that is designed to fix any chunks that you are having an issue with. Sometimes in Minecraft, chunks just seem to have problems and that can cause problems to you, as the server administrator. There are many ways to fix these errors, but this is one of the easier ways to do so. This plugin is multi-world compatible, meaning you can be in one world and fix a chunk error in another. This plugin is also helpful if you just want to fix a chunk that has had too many explosions on it, or the terrain has been really modified and you don't like it, just simply use the /cf command and you're good.

ChunkFixer Features

  • Regenerates chunks that are causing non-stop lag / spamming of the server's console!
  • Can regenerate a chunk you are standing on, or a chunk anywhere, in any world.
  • Multi-World support!
  • NOTICE: This plugin doesn't delete everything in the chunk, but instead restores it to it's original state, before anything / anyone ever did anything to it. (This plugin may mess with some things on the surface, including trees. It may tamper with the ores as well.)


Chunkfixer is now permission friendly! If you don't have a permission plugin, it will default to isOp()!

  • chunkfixer.* - All commands for ChunkFixer.
  • chunkfixer.fix.* - Permissions for both the /chunkfix x y [world] and just plain /chunkfix command.
  • chunkfixer.fix.far - Permission for the /chunkfix x y [world] command.
  • chunkfixer.fix.selection - Permission to fix cuboid areas. ('/chunkfix selection' and '/chunkfix selection here')
  • chunkfixer.fix - Permission for the /chunkfix(/cf) command.
  • chunkfixer.view - Permission for the /chunkhere(/chere) command.
  • chunkfixer.other - Permission for regenerating a chunk where another player is standing


  • /chunkfix [x] [z] [world]
    • /cf [x] [z] [world]
    • /chunkfixer [x] [z] [world]
  • /chunkfix [player]
    • /cf [player]
    • /chunkfixer [player]
  • /chunkfix selection [here]
    • /cf selection [here]
    • /chunkfixer selection [here]
  • /chunkhere
    • /chere
  • You can just type in /chunkfix on the chunk you want to regenerate, and you don't have to type in the chunk's coordinates.

How to install / use

  • To install this mod, simply place it into your /server/plugins folder, and restart your server.
  • When you have the plugin in there join your server and type in the command "/chunkfix [x] [y] [world]" or just "/chunkfix" if you are standing on the chunk you want to regenerate.
  • Set up the your permission plugin to use the commands, or if you don't have a permission plugin, make sure you are OP! The permission nodes are listed above.


If you have any suggestions for this plugin, just ask and I will see what I can do.

Future Updates

  • Give me suggestions!


Version 1.1


  • When using '/cf selection', if you do not have a selection, it will automatically give you the selection wand.


  • Slight code cleanup / optimization.
  • Made a few of the messages look nicer, coordinates stick out more)
  • Built against latest Bukkit build for 1.6.2
  • Built against latest RB (RB-4.0)
  • Added a cuboid selection method using a blaze rod. - Select one block with a blaze rod by right clicking with a blaze rod and select another spot again by doing the same thing and then use the command '/chunkfix (/cf) selection view' to view all of the chunks that your selection goes through, then type in '/cf selection' and that will regenerate every chunk that was listed in '/cf selection view'.
  • Cleaned up some code
  • Added SEX (May or may not be an acronym)
  • Built against latest RB (CB 1.1-R4)
  • Added the ability to regenerate a chunk on a player. (/chunkfix <name>) Permission Node: chunkfix.other
  • Built against latest RB
  • Cleaned up some code!
  • Added Permissions! If you don't have a permissions plugin, it will default to isOp()!
  • Fixed version number!
  • Added a null checker. (Should display a message if the chunk isn't there)
  • Built against the latest RB!
  • NEW COMMAND! /chunkhere(/chere) to see what chunk you are on!
  • Fixed having to type in the world when using coordinates.
  • Release


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