ChunkBreedLimit is a lightweight, easily configurable plug-in designed for server administrators whom wish to cap the number of passive, breeding-capable entities on their server per chunk, instead of imposing a flat server limit on all users.

Breeding attempts made by entities when the total number of allowed entities present on their chunk is greater than the allocated amount will fail, with no new animal being spawned. Future additions to the code will prevent this at the player level as well - but I just wanted to get this out there initially. This is of particular use for town-based servers where players are prone to hoarding immense quantities of livestock for use in economy or for their drops. ChunkBreedLimit does -NOT- interfere with ordinary chunk loading or entity spawning - it only intercepts the event that is called when a player deliberately causes animals to breed.

Configuration options

spawn-cap: Determines the maximum amount of entities in entity-list allowed per chunk before breeding is disabled

entity-list: Any mob entity capable of breeding may be included/excluded in this list. All entities contained within this list will count towards a chunk's maximum entity count and is flexible with other server mobs that add new breeding-ready entities, as long as they have a valid EntityType.

breeding-fail-msg: Determines the message shown to players when breeding is blocked due to chunk overcrowding of allowed entities.

As of ChunkBreedLimit 1.3:

use-individual-cap: Determines whether the plugin uses individual entity limit checking (requires entity-list-individual set below). True enables this, false uses default behavior from previous versions. (Default is false)

entity-list-individual: A list of the entity types that you wish to control with the plugin, with their cap seperated by a comma.

Configuration examples:
spawn-cap: 75
breeding-fail-msg: "The animal refuses the wheat - it is too crowded to breed!"
  - cow
  - chicken
  - pig

The above config.yml template would cap cow, chicken and pig entities together within the same chunk to a maximum of 75 - any further breeding of these entities will simply fail. However, since sheep are not within entity-list, they may be bred freely and infinitely as much as resources allow. Including hostile mobs in the entity-list will make them count towards the breeding limit, allowing server administrators to force players to have farmland which is safe from monsters before they may breed more.

use-individual-cap: true
  - cow, 20
  - sheep, 30
  - mushroom_cow, 30
  - pig, 15

This configuration template will limit cows to 20 per chunk, sheep to 30 per chunk, mooshrooms to 30 per chunk and pigs to 15 per chunk. Note that if use-individual-cap is true, spawn-cap and entity-list will be ignored.

Future additions

I intend on extending ChunkBreedLimit to work with Towny and allow server administrators to determine a town's chunk breeding limit depending on its size and player count, and to cap the breeding activity at the player as well as on the entity spawn event.

Code Repositories

ChunkBreedLimit's incredibly simple source is freely available at GitHub. You may use it in your projects freely - but please contact me first if you wish to add it to another plugin entirely!


I am currently a university student studying psychology in Sydney, Australia. This leaves me with comparatively little time to pursue programming, which I adore as my hobby. Donations or otherwise, I will maintain this for as long as I have the time, and donations will only encourage me to scrounge more time to sink in to it! That and I'd love to have someone buy me lunch from across the world. But thank you in any case!


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