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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Chimneys is a plugin, which allows you to create chimneys on your houses. It uses minecraft's particle effect, so you don't need any client mods! Screenshot


Chimneys 0.5.1 is the last version of Chimneys. I'll make another plugin, which will be fully compatible with Chimneys. It's going to support all particles and other cool features like chimneys that follow you or other entities, annoying door sounds and more to come!

UPDATE: Merry Christmas! ParticleWorkshop now has a DevBukkit page:


  • Creates chimneys
  • Command + wand control
  • Chimney wand - configurable; default = stick

Preview videos

My video

German Preview by NeoAcc

You can also PM me your chimneys preview and it might appear here!


  • /chimney - Displays help for the plugin
  • /chimney [tgt | std] - Creates a chimney on block you're standing on(std) or on block you're aiming on(tgt).
  • /chimney [tgt | std] [rs] - Creates a lever controlled chimney(rs) on block you're standing on(std) or on block you're aiming on(tgt).
  • /chimney wand - Toggles you usage of chimney wand.


Configuration file can be found in <server_folder>/plugins/Chimneys/config.yml

Configuration nodes

  • chimney.smokes - Smoke count
  • chimney.frequency - Frequency of smokes. Higher = more frequent smokes
  • chimney.radius - Minimal distance to see the chimney
  • chimney.wand - Item, which should be used as wand(default = stick). Expected value is either an item/block ID or its name in bukkit system(one of these: (see this paste)).
  • perms - Permission system to use. 3 options: OP,None,SP
  • block-blacklist - IDs of blocks, which chimneys can't be created on


  • chimneys.create - Allows you to create chimneys using command
  • chimneys.create.wand - Allows you to create chimneys using wand


Just download Chimneys.jar and copy it into your plugins folder. It's that simple!


I've recently added some compatibility with Factions. Some of you may be wondering, whether it needs any additional configuration, so here I say it DOESN'T NEED ANY ADDITIONAL CONFIGURATION to get it working. Once Chimneys detect Factions, players can only create chimneys in regions, which Factions allow them.

Removing chimneys

To remove a chimney, you need to mine block the chimney is created on( that's the block smoke is coming from :) )


  • Mob kill smoke

For plugin devs: Chimneys API

Have a problem? Take a ticket!

If you wanna submit a bug, please take a ticket. It's better for me and you too. Use [[ if you don't know what should be included in the ticket.

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