how can i sell all stock by clicking shift? in config i change to true but nothing #1368

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  • srok3a created this issue Mar 19, 2021

    [Please search for tickets with the same issues as yours first before reporting!]


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    Plugin Version

    [The full plugin version that you are running from /version ChestShop. Please test on the latest development build too:]


    Plugin Config

    [The full config.yml file of ChestShop]


    Server Version

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    Server Log

    [The full latest.log file]


    Granted Permissions

    [Ideally the output from /lp tree]


    What other plugins are you running?

    [List of your plugins, ideally with the version]


    What is happening?

    [Explain what happens and what steps should be done to reproduce the issue. Ideally with pictures of the shop sign and messages as well as the full error log!]


    What did you expect to happen?

    [Explain what you expected to happen after performing the previously described steps]


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  • srok3a added a tag Question Mar 19, 2021
  • Phoenix616 posted a comment Mar 19, 2021

    Please provide all the information requested by the issue template which you omitted...

  • Phoenix616 added a tag Missing Information Mar 19, 2021

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