Cant buy or sell anything to or from admin shops. also sorry added the wrong tag :( #1347

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  • ollierg525 created this issue Aug 23, 2020

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    3.11.1-SNAPSHOT (build 230)

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    spigot 1.16.1

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    luckperms, coloredsignes, uberenchant, vault, mcmmo, worldedit, playerkits, essenitals, chatex, worldguard, griefprevention, chestshop

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    I can not buy, or sell anything to an admin shop when i left click or right click an adminshop, it gives absolutly no output. when i make an admin shop it sais shop sucessfully created. i tried while oped and while deoped, and in gms. please help me.

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    i expected it to let me buy and sell items to and from the admin shop

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  • Phoenix616 posted a comment Aug 24, 2020

    Please provide a screenshot of your admin shop setup as well as the log from when you create the shop and try to trade with it.


    Also make sure that you are testing with normal user permissions and not any special admin perms (I see that you have ChestShop.* granted in your tree...) as there are some permissions (like shop access ones) which prevent you from trading at a shop if that is ignored in the config (IGNORE_ACCESS_PERMS is set to true by default). That one can be temporarily bypassed by using /csaccess though.

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  • ollierg525 posted a comment Aug 24, 2020

    ok i was having trouble with the insert image button so i will just give the direct link -

    also that is the consle after i place an admin shop and use it. i get absolutly no output when i buy or sell to or from the shop also i did use /csaccess

    [09:06:56] [Server thread/INFO]: [GriefPrevention] OllieRG525 placed a sign @ world: x5783, z5452;adminshop;1;b 10 : 5 s;diamond
    [09:06:56] [Craft Scheduler Thread - 20/INFO]: [ChestShop] OllieRG525 created an Admin Shop - 1 Diamond - B 10 : 5 S - at [world] 5783, 60, 5452


  • Phoenix616 posted a comment Aug 24, 2020

    Your sign says "Adminshop" while your config says "Admin Shop" as the admin shop name. Please try it including the space as the exact spelling is important for it to fully get detected as an admin shop.

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