ChestShop can't work with PlotSquared #1323

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  • Forge_User_18784841 created this issue Apr 18, 2020

    Hi everyone !

    Excuse me, because i'm french and my English is not really good.

    I come towards you because in my server (1.15 spiggot) the plugin "ChestShop" won't work with the plugin "PlotSquared". This problem begins to be boring… really.

    My players can't sell/buy in the Spawn plot, when they try the plugins PlotSquared say "Have an admin set flag use" but i have make this, and the message is still here.


    I wonder if this problem does not come from the ChestShop plugin, i have already add "" and "" and still nothing...

    I've tried lot of solution and nothing wants to work.

    Please help me, just tell me if the ChestShop plugin to do with that or not.

    Thank you lot for your answer ! 


  • Forge_User_18784841 added a tag Plugin Issue Apr 18, 2020
  • beamer91 posted a comment Apr 18, 2020

    That is actually an issue with plotsquared. go to the plotquared config folder and open up worlds.yaml at the bottom there should be an option for flags you have to add the signs itemid (which wall sign and standing sign are diffrents along with the diffrent woods) and add them as a use flag.
    For example you can do

      use: 63,68


    and that would allow oak_standing_sign and oak_wall_sign

    see for more info



  • Forge_User_18784841 posted a comment Apr 19, 2020

    Thank you beamer91 for your answer, but in the world.yml, I've set this
      use: minecraft:birch_sign,minecraft:acacia_sign,minecraft:enchanting_table,minecraft:anvil,63,68


    i've make "minecraft:birch_sign" and "minecraft:acacia_sign" because i use them for ChestShop and the rest "anvil", "enchanting_table" work but with all of them the ChestShop can't works.

    And finally, you give me a link, and should i use the hashtag ? Or not ?


    Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Phoenix616 posted a comment Apr 19, 2020

    If you use wall signs make sure that you also add the acacia_wall_sign etc. into the list. The #signs might work although I don't know what PlotSquared includes in these tags. If that still doesn't work then you'll have to contact the PlotSquared devs as it's their plugin blocking the interaction, not ChestShop.

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