After user made a shop anyone trying to buy gets error "Economy account from owner doesnt exist" #1320

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  • jayk_live created this issue Feb 27, 2020

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    Server Version

     Paper 1.15.2

    Server Log

    [The full latest.log file]


    What other plugins are you running?

     JEssentials and Vault

    What is happening?

     Player makes a sign and gets the message that it was created succesfully but when another player tries to buy they get the message saying the Economy Account for the owner doesnt exist.

    What did you expect to happen?

     Money would be taken from the balance and in return the player would get their item

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  • Phoenix616 posted a comment Mar 1, 2020

    Please also provide your log file and the player name + screenshot of the shop sign

  • Phoenix616 added a tag Missing Information Mar 1, 2020

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