When trying to sell to the sign the sign trys to break instead of selling but it works fine with buying. #1309

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  • meme80 created this issue Sep 14, 2019

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     Set homes 1.1

    World edit 7.0.1

    Essentials x 2.71.1

    Chest shop 3.10 may 9 2019 beta version

    Vault 1.7.2 

    Take me back 2.0

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     It allows you to buy but when you try to sell it just trys to break the sign, also would I need to get a plugin to stop this from happening? I want to be able to make admin shops and player shops but when you try to sell the sign just breaks, and how would I protect a sign another player made so it couldnt be broken.

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     For it not break the sign

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  • Phoenix616 posted a comment Oct 16, 2019

    Please provide both your full server log as well as your config file. Also please test if this issue still happens with the latest development builds too!

  • Phoenix616 added a tag Missing Information Oct 16, 2019

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