ChestShop stops working after server restart/reload. #1288

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  • bartermarlin created this issue May 13, 2019



    Plugin Version

    ChestShop version 3.10-snapcsho (build 131)



    Plugin Config 


    Server Version

    Craftbukkit version git-Spigot-3cb9dcb-0f708cb (MC:1.13.2) (Implementing API version 1.13.2-R0.1-Snapshot)


    Server Log


    What other plugins are you running?

    CoreProtect, playerheads, worldedit, coloredsigns, clearlag, broadcaster, votifier, protocolLib, worldguard, votingplugin, uberenchant, Idisguise, permissionsEx, mcMMO, vault, orebfuscator4, Chestshop, essentials, rankup, holographicdisplays, buycraft, statscraft, PermissionsExtabcolors, citizens, crazyauctions, essentialschat, essentialsGeoIP, playerads, essentialsspawn, cratesplus, setthespawn, towny, citizensCMD, townychat, townynameupdater


    What is happening?

    After installing Chestshops i am able to place down player and admin shops, everything works fine. After the server restarts and or reloads, the signs stop working and you can no longer make any shops. nothing pops up in game saying that the shop couldnt be made or anything it just turns into a normal sign


    What did you expect to happen?

    I expected the same results, uninstall then reinstall. plugin works, server restart or reload, plugin no longer works



  • bartermarlin added a tag Plugin Issue May 13, 2019

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