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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.15
  • 1.14
  • 1.13


This is the 1.13.x and 1.14.x compatible release of ChestShop. It might be compatible with higher versions but is definitely not with lower ones! Use these builds for pre 1.13.

Please read all the notes and changes before upgrading!

This version will upgrade your item meta database (items.db). Take a backup! There might also be some errors in the conversion process which you should be able to ignore, just keep note of the mentioned IDs, shops with them will most likely not work properly.

Unfortunately there is no proper fix for these errors as the data is either corrupted or incompatible.

Please not that each server update might require a new conversion of the database to ensure that all item data is compatible with the server version you are running. Downgrading the server or plugin is not advised and will most likely lead to errors!

If you want to use old IDs on shop signs or don't want to rewrite existing signs use the additional ChestShop-LegacyIds module.

Please note that if you upgrade from a pre 3.9 version then this will also update the user database (users.db). Take a backup and prepare for a long conversion!

Notable Changes:

  • 1.13 and 1.14 support
  • Updated to made compatible with changed WorldGuard API
  • Updated to new AuthMe Reloaded API
  • Updated to 1.13/1.14 compatible LWC forks (e.g. LWCX and Modern-LWC)
  • Added support for network wide notifications on BungeeCord (BUNGEECORD_MESSAGES config option)
  • Add command (/csaccess) to allow transactions even if user is ignored due to admin/access permissions
  • Added more events to be used by other modules
  • Improve performance of physics shop sign destroy listener on Paper based servers
  • Slightly rework permissions resolution and add additional permissions for shop interactions
  • Remove old MaterialData usage and other outdated code
  • Fix issues that could lead to item meta data getting modified while buying from/selling to a player shop
  • Fix internal precision of amount and price calculations
  • Fix potential issues when loading config
  • Fix a major issue when having partial transactions enabled and trying to buy from/sell to a shop with not enough items
  • Fix issues with Reserve economy

See the commit history for detailed changes.