Minecraft Spigot mod that enhances chests and hoppers, with ChestLinks and Hopper filters!
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What it does:
  • Ability to link multiple chests together across the entire server to be accessed from anywhere!
  • Use Hoppers to filter items from chests using hoppers!
  • Build cool auto smelting/sorting systems!
  • Remotely open chests with a nice menu system!
How to use:
  1. Add a chest using /chestlink add <group> or simply write the ChestLink format on a sign placed on a chest!
  2. Open a chest as you normally would! or use /chestlink open <group> or /chestlink menu to open the chest remotely!
  3. Filter chests using Hoppers with Item Frames! Any hopper with an Item Frame on it with an item inside will only pull items of that type! (Note: You can add multiple item frames to a hopper to filter multiple items!)
  4. Build giant smelting and sorting systems and share your creations!

Example Sorting System:


Sorting Multiple Items:


Inventory Menu:



  • /chestlink add <Group> "Create/add a chest to a ChestLink group"
  • /chestlink remove <Group>  "Delete a ChestLink and drop its inventory at your feet!"
  • /chestlink open <Group>  "Open the inventory of a ChestLink group"
  • /chestlink menu  "Open the ChestLink menu to display all groups!"
  • /chestlink help "List of commands and their uses!"
  • /chestlink list "Lists all ChestLinks that you own!"
  • /chestlink member [add/remove <group> <player>] or [list <group>] "Add, remove or list members of a group"
  • /chestlink setpublic <group> <true/false> "Set a ChestLink to be accessible by anyone."
  • /chestlink rename <group> <new-name> "Rename a ChestLink."
  • /chestlink sort <group> <sort-method> "Set the sorting option for the given ChestLink."




How to install:

Simply drop the .jar file into the /plugins folder!


Gives permission to add ChestLinks!
default: true
Gives permission to open ChestLinks!
default: true
Gives permission to open the ChestLink menu!
default: true
Gives permission to remove a ChestLink!
default: true
description: Gives permission to open all chests, for admin use.
default: false
description: Gives permission to add/remove a member to/from their chestlink.
default: true


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