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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.5-R0.2


  • Fix: Possibly fixed a bug with chest contents.
  • New: Now uses Bukkit ItemMeta API to support books, heads and more! PLEASE SEE KNOWN CAVEATS!
  • No changes since last snapshot!
  • Fix: Fixed issue where breaking one side of a CR double chest would disable the remaining side.
  • Fix: Unique chests should not always restock when restarting/reloading the server.
  • Fix/Workaround: Fixed StackOverflowError being caused by using unique inventories in NON-CHEST blocks (dispensers, crafting tables, etc). The fix applied will cause the 'unique' property to NOT FUNCTION for those chests until this bug is fixed in CraftBukkit.
  • Fix: Chests should now properly "disable" when destroyed.
  • New: Added new chest default 'auto_create_new' which when combined with 'auto_create' will allow for all existing chests in a world (or globally) to be automatically set up as if created with "/cr create" but not chests that are created by players once this option is enabled! (This will allow for admin's to essentially have "/cr createall". The default setting for 'auto_create_new' is false. To have the "create all" effect for a particular world use the following command "/cr default -w:nameofworld auto_create true".
  • New: Added a new chest option 'enabled' which indicates that the chest is going to use all the other options it has. If it's set to false, the chest will behave as if it has NOT been configured with ChestRestock (essentially.) This was added to make the above new feature work. When auto_create is true and auto_create_new is false, all chests placed by players are immediately configured to be "disabled".
  • Fix: Fixed NPE in InventoryOpenEvent.
  • Fix: Descriptions should now show for chest properties when using "/cr set [property]" (no value)
  • Fix: Removed extra whitespace at the beginning of some messages.
  • Fix: Fixed some minor language issues.
  • Fix: Made the command listing ("/cr help") much more uniform looking.
  • Fix: Improved the color of some messages.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug where newly created "unique" chest inventories would be different the second time they are opened after creation.
  • Fix: Added comments to defaults to better clarify what "unique" does.
  • Change: Moved chest defaults into it's own file, global_defaults.yml (Your old defaults should migrate to this file.)
  • Change: Deprecated many parts of the API in favor of better methods.
  • New: Added "/cr default [-w:<world>] [property [value]]" command. This allows you to set defaults globally or per world.
  • New: Added "/cr defaults [world]" command. This allows you to CHECK the global or world defaults.
  • New: Added option to default empty chests to a specific loot table. (Part of world/global defaults.)
  • New: Added chest option "only_restock_empty" which will only restock a chest when it is empty.
  • New: Added framework for queued commands.
  • New: Added ability to restock all chests in a world that is reset by Multiverse-Adventure.
  • New: Added random enchants to loot tables. See the updated loot_example.yml and loot_tables.yml for an example and instructions.
  • New: Added ability to auto-create chests (part of defaults config)
  • New: Added full Java docs to the API classes.
  • Fix: Fixed bug requiring OP for OP default permissions.
  • Fix: Added missing "/cr restockall" success message.
  • New: Added "cr restockall [name] [-w:worldname]" command.
  • Fix: Corrected some language in the config comments. Thanks, CubieX.
  • Fix: Resolved infinite recursion issue. Thanks jmgrosen
  • New: Added "cr version" command.

IF YOU UPGRADE TO THIS VERSION: Your chest contents for ChestRestock chests will not be compatible with older versions of this plugin!

ItemMeta storage will ONLY work on the latest CraftBukkit 1.4.5-R0.3-SNAPSHOT dev builds!

The 'unique' property will NOT work for non-chest inventory blocks (dispensers, furnaces, etc)

There is an issue with SOME loot tables regarding enchantments... Enchant properties do not propagate as they should but the conditions for this are pretty uncommon so it will be fixed in 2.4.