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    May 10, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R1.0


  • Fix: Fixed NPE in InventoryOpenEvent.
  • Fix: Descriptions should now show for chest properties when using "/cr set [property]" (no value)
  • Fix: Removed extra whitespace at the beginning of some messages.
  • Fix: Fixed some minor language issues.
  • Fix: Made the command listing ("/cr help") much more uniform looking.
  • Fix: Improved the color of some messages.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug where newly created "unique" chest inventories would be different the second time they are opened after creation.
  • Fix: Added comments to defaults to better clarify what "unique" does.
  • Change: Moved chest defaults into it's own file, global_defaults.yml (Your old defaults should migrate to this file.)
  • Change: Deprecated many parts of the API in favor of better methods.
  • New: Added "/cr default [-w:<world>] [property [value]]" command. This allows you to set defaults globally or per world.
  • New: Added "/cr defaults [world]" command. This allows you to CHECK the global or world defaults.
  • New: Added option to default empty chests to a specific loot table. (Part of world/global defaults.)
  • New: Added chest option "only_restock_empty" which will only restock a chest when it is empty.
  • New: Added framework for queued commands.
  • New: Added ability to restock all chests in a world that is reset by Multiverse-Adventure.
  • New: Added random enchants to loot tables. See the updated loot_example.yml and loot_tables.yml for an example and instructions.
  • New: Added ability to auto-create chests (part of defaults config)
  • New: Added full Java docs to the API classes.
  • Fix: Fixed bug requiring OP for OP default permissions.
  • Fix: Added missing "/cr restockall" success message.
  • New: Added "cr restockall [name] [-w:worldname]" command.
  • Fix: Corrected some language in the config comments. Thanks, CubieX.
  • Fix: Resolved infinite recursion issue. Thanks jmgrosen
  • New: Added "cr version" command.

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