ChestLogger Plugin


This plugin lets players consult a log of their protected chests. By default, every chest that a player places is considered "protected".

When performing the /chests command, a GUI will open up with all the protected chests and the info about them. If another player destroys one of the player's protected chests, additional info is displayed in the /chests GUI (it will show who destroyed their chest).


The plugin is made to track not only the manual break of a chest (by hand or with a tool) but also to track TNT explosion (it will show up the name of the player who placed and lit the TNT).


This plugin also comes with a completely configurable config.yml file (messages, chests info and formatting are completely customizable) and a few extra commands to manage it.


The GUI also supports multiple pages and there is no need for a database, the storage is handled in the local chests.yml file. (Database support will be released soon)


  • /chests -> Opens up the chests GUI with all the info of the protected chests
  • /chestlogger reload -> Reloads the config.yml file, without the need to reload all the server
  • /chestlogger clear -> Clears the list of the player's protected and logged chests
  • /chestlogger clear <player> -> Clears the list of another player's protected and logged chests



  • chestlogger.chests -> Lets the player perform /chests
  • chestlogger.reload -> Lets the player reload the configuration file (config.yml) with the /chestlogger reload command
  • chestlogger.clear.self -> Lets the player clear his list of logged chests with the /chestlogger clear commnad
  • chestlogger.clear.other -> Lets the player clear other players' lists of logged chests with the /chestlogger clear <player> command

Default config.yml file:
# This prefix will show before every message sent by the ChestLogger plugin
  prefix: "§f[Chest§aLogger§f] "
  no-permission: "§cNo permission"
# This is the message that will be sent when someone places a chest. Only if "send-message-on-chest-placed" is set to true
  chest-placed-message: "§fChestLogger will now log your chest!"
  cleared-own-chests: "§fSuccesfully cleared your logged chests list!"
  cleared-other-chests: "§fSuccesfully cleared §a%target§f's chests! "
  no-chests-to-clear: "§cThere are no chests to clear in the chest.yml file"
  no-such-player: "§a %target §cis not online!"
  config-reloaded: "The config has been §asuccesfully §freloaded!"

  #This is the title of the /chests GUI
  inventory-title: "§a%owner§f's chests"
# This is the display name of the chests inside the /chests GUI
  display-name: "§aProtected §fchest"
  #These are the settings for the data that shows under every chest when performing the /chests command (the placeholders are %x, %y, %z, %world for the four lines and %destroyer for the destroyed-by-line setting)
  first-line: "§aX:§f %x"
  second-line: "§aY:§f %y"
  third-line: "§aZ:§f %z"
  fourth-line: "§aWorld:§f %world"
  destroyed-by-line: "§cDestroyed by:§f %destroyer"

#  If set to true, the player will receive the "chest-placed-message" when placing a chest
  send-message-on-chest-placed: true





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