Pre-BukkitDev Changelog

ChestHarvester Changelog

Version 1.2 - 7/5/11

  • fixed new items stacking added as 0 (which were then removed)

Version 1.2 'alpha' - 7/4/11

  • item scanner moved to bukkit scheduler (more thread-safe)
  • removed item-collection at corners (now just the faces & top of chest)
  • better harvesting permissions checks (checks if interact is canceled)
  • will now stop harvesting when chest is full
  • added option to require a hoe to till new ground
  • corner harvesting is now optional
  • can now harvest sugarcane and cactus
  • fixed nonstackable stacking when there is only one chest
  • fixed stacking so stacks into first matching before first empty slot
  • added permission node "ChestHarvester.harvest" for the ability to run a harvester

Version 1.1.3 - 4/8/11

  • updated for 670

Version 1.1.2 - 4/4/11

  • fixed onCommand reload when turning on/off the chest auto pickup
  • optional "AutoCollectScanInterval" and "ManualHarvestWaitInterval" changed to seconds
  • now collects between 1-3 seeds, instead of 0-3
  • fixed another double chest error: if harvesting from top with seeds in bottom, top would overwrite bottom

Version 1.1.1 - 4/2/11

  • fixed a bug where adding an item from the head chest to the tail was being lost

Version 1.1 - 4/2/11

  • fixed a serious itemdrop error: when first chest is full, second half would be duplicated
  • block directions decreased: will only enter a chest from beside or on top of the chest (prefers from top)
  • fixed double-chests so items are deposited at the top

Version 1.0 - 4/2/11

  • Initial Release


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