Installing the plugin - ChestGenerator: Reloaded


  1. Download the latest version of the plugin from Bukkit and place it inside '/plugins' directory.
  2. Download the plugin dependency - NBTAPI - from here.
  3. Set up the plugin's configuration and messages.yml.


Configuration settings

  • fixIllegalError
    • Should ChestGenerator fix the chest when it gets destroyed ILLEGALLY (i.e. another plugin, /setblock command)
    • Default value: true
  • useGenWrench
    • Is a Wrench required to destroy a chest i. e. to destroy a chest you have to hold a wrench in your hand, which can only be optained using 'wrench' subcommand
    • Default value: true
  • (v4.1) generateItemsWhenOwnerIsOffline
    • should ItemGenerator generate items while the owner of the chest isn't online on the server?
    • Default value: true
  • wrench 
    • ItemStack configuration for the Generator wrench
    • Make sure you follow the ItemStack serialization format if you want to change the wrench.
    • ItemStack serialization format can be checked out here.
    • The plugin won't work without a valid wrench and it is also possible the plugin won't notify you about the error in the configuration.
    • This setting is ignored if 'useGenWrench' is false, but don't remove it from the config.
  • generators -
    • Contains the whole list of generators on your server.
    • Updating this is not recommended. It may result in corruption of the whole list, you will lose all generators!