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ChestGenerator has now been Reloaded!



Check out the Pages section and learn more about configuring this plugin and running the commands.


Since version 4.2 this plugin also depends on NBTAPI plugin. Find the plugin and put in your '/plugins' folder, more details can be found in the Installation page.



ChestGenerator allows server owners to make their server less laggy when playing.


This plugin will create custom chests that will constantly add any amount of type of item into a chest after a specified cooldown.

The cooldown is specified in ticks (20 ticks = 1 second).


Once you place your ItemGenerator, it will first start with a countdown timer based on cooldown that was specified.

After the countdown timer gets to 0 ticks, the generator will receive item that was specified by the amount that was specified.

The generator then goes back on cooldown mode, and this process then repeats.


Once the ItemGenerator is full, the items will no longer be generated.

The chest needs to have space in order to start generating again.


  • /generator - ChestGenerator's default command.
    • Aliases: "gen,cg,chestgen"
    • Sub-commands:
      1. /generator get <item_type> <cooldownInTicks> <amount>  - Get a chest that adds an amount of item_type every cooldownInTicks 
      2. /generator get <item_type> <cooldownInTicks> <amount> <player> - Give player a chest that adds an amount of item_type every cooldownInTicks
      3. /generator clear - Clears all generators in the database, which makes them useless. (Chests won't be destroyed in world)
      4. /generator wrench !player_name! - Gives you or a player a wrench, depends on the 2nd argument.


  • chestgenerator.cmd.clear.use - Permission for command /generator clear.
  • chestgenerator.cmd.wrench.use - Permission for getting a wrench.
  • chestgenerator.cmd.wrench.use.others - Permission for giving others a wrench.
  • chestgenerator.cmd.get.use - Permission for getting a ChestGenerator.
  • chestgenerator.cmd.* - Permission for all commands.
  • chestgenerator.others.break.bypass - Permission to bypass the breaking other's ItemGenerators rule.
  • (v4.1) chestgenerator.others.use.bypass - Permission to bypass the rule "ItemGenerator can only be used while owner is online!"





  • fixIllegalError - Should ChestGenerator fix the chest when it gets destroyed ILLEGALLY (i.e. another plugin, /setblock command) - default: true
  • useGenWrench - Is a Wrench required to destroy a chest i. e. to destroy a chest you have to hold a wrench in your hand, which can only be optained using 'wrench' subcommand - default: true
  • (v4.1) generateItemsWhenOwnerIsOffline - should ItemGenerator generate items while the owner of the chest isn't online on the server? - default: true
  • wrench - This is the ItemStack configuration for the Generator wrench. Make sure you follow the format if you want to change the wrench because the plugin won't work without a valid wrench.
  • generators - This contains the whole list of generators on your server. Updating this is not recommended. It may result in corruption of the whole list, you will lose all generators!



In this file you can configure the messages using color codes and other useful features.

Make sure you leave '%s' stuff as these will get filled in by useful information to other players.


Custom items in ItemGenerator (v4.2)

Using 'hand' as an <item_type> will generate an ItemGenerator based on the item that the player is holding in hand.


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