ChestTrade allows you to trade items with other players using chests. This allows remote trades (even inter-world trades) and prevents griefing, since players will know exactly what their counterpart will give in return for their items. Also, no 3rd party players are able to interfere with the trades.


ChestTrade will use single chests as items holders for the trade. During the trade process, the chests are only accessible to editing by their owner, and the counterpart (henceforward called "partner") is able to see one's chest contents. When the trade is finished, the chests' inventories are swapped and the players can get theirs partners' items in the chest they used.


The trading process is explained in detail in this page.


  • /ct - Displays an help page (needs permission "").
  • /cttrade <player> - Sends a trade request to <player> (needs permission "").
  • /ctaccept - Accepts a pending trade request.
  • /ctrefuse - Refuses a pending trade request.
  • /ctdeny - Alias for "/ctrefuse".
  • /ctready - Flags a player as ready.
  • /ctconfirm - Confirms a trade.
  • /ctcancel - Cancels an ongoing trade.
  • /ctreload - Reloads the config file (needs permission "ChestTrade.reload").
  • /ctver - Displays the plugin version (needs permission "ChestTrade.ver").


In the config.yml file in the folder "plugins/ChestTrade" (generated after the plugin first run) you can configure the following:

  • The plugin prefix, shown in every message the plugin sends.
  • The trade timeout (integer greater than zero, in seconds), since the moment the trade request is sent until the end of the trade.
  • Metrics (detailed below).



  • permission to send and receive trade requests, and, therefore, be able to trade with others).
  • permission to view the help page (displayed when "/ct" is issued).
  • ChestTrade.reload: permission to reload the config file.
  • ChestTrade.ver: permission to view the plugin version.
  • ChestTrade.*: all of the above permissions (use with caution!).


You can check the source code here.


This plugin collects information about its usage. This information is anonymous. It does not identify you or your server and it's publicly available here. Data collection is optional, and you can disable it setting "metrics: true", in config.yml, to "false".


Change log

  • v0.9 (15 Nov 2013)
    • Initial Beta submission

To-do list

  • Create a feature that allows to create a sign with a player name that makes trades much faster, entering less commands.


Although I've extensively tested the plugin, some issues might have escaped me. If you get an error, please, let me know. Tell me the steps needed to reproduce the problem :)


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