{player} #759

  • kakotu_ created this issue Apr 28, 2018

    Are there any way so this works? Both "/Tempban (playername)" and the name of the menu "&cTempban (playername)". See down below do understand the settings i mean. Thanks for answer!


    name: '&cTempban {player}'
    rows: 3
    command: 'tempban {player}'
    auto-refresh: 5
    open-action: ''
    id: dirt
    left-click: false
    right-click: false

  • XxMr1234GamerZxX posted a comment Jul 4, 2018

    ive tried this also it would seem you'd need it to accept a command argument after the main command to open the menu or placeholderapi compatibility for a ban GUI i used customgui which supports placeholders and has command arguments support but it isn't as clean as chestcommands or as easy to use.


    hope this helps


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